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Leah have to take right the state educational institutions money for student`s inquiries, test books, student`s cards?

every day there is a weight of unpleasant situations. That in the bus have got nasty, in shop have sold the poor-quality goods. Not everyone kirovchanin knows the rights. to respond to situations and questions of our readers in the air . You can receive consultation of the professional lawyer. Ask any questions interesting you and receive on them the answer. You can tell about any problem. The expert will advise to you where to be converted and what to undertake, to achieve justice.

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the Question: To my son in January 18 years are executed, he studies in school on the second year, the only child in a family, his father has died one year ago, I the second time married. It zhazhdit to go somewhat quicker to army, yes voobshchem that and I not against. And the more likely, the better. But from the girlfriend has heard that it will not call till 25 years, since it the only child. A leah truth it? We wanted to go in January to a military registration and enlistment office and to write the application. Tell, please, more in detail about it.

the Answer : According to the Law About a conscription and military service item 24. Item 2. Your son has the right to a draught deferment on military service since it is the student of school. The given delay will operate for all time of training. After the termination of training it is subject to an appeal on military service, without dependence is it the only child or not.

the Question : a leah Have to take right the state educational institutions money for student`s inquiries, test books, student`s cards?

the Answer : According to item 16 FZ About the higher and poslevuzovskom vocational training to the Student of a higher educational institution it is free the student`s card and the test book of the established sample " stand out; students of average professional educational institutions, according to " have the same rights; Typical Position About educational institution of average vocational training (Average special educational institution) (It is confirmed by the Governmental order of the Russian Federation from July, 18th, 2008 N 543). Student`s inquiries also should stand out free of charge. However in a case uteri documents, their repeated restoration can be paid.

the Question : the Sister passed practice on 5 course on a farm (it the veterinary surgeon). Practice promised to pay, but, eventually, have refused. What to do in that case?

the Answer : On practice passage the contract should be without fail concluded. If treaty provisions provide payment, and to you it was paid, you have the right will be converted into court.

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