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Continuation of a musical collection Great composers in Belgorod, Kursk and Lipetsk

On sale since September, 10th.

On sale since September, 10th

Joseph HAYDN

the Sonata for a piano 34 mi a minor
1. I part. Presto
a trio 25 salt a major
2. I part. Andante
3. II part. Poco adagio. Cantabile
4. III part. Rondo all`Ongarese (Presto)
the Concert for a piano with an orchestra re a major
5. I part. Vivace
the Concert for chembalo and violins with an orchestra fa a major
6. I part. Allegro moderato
the concordance 103 mi - a flat a major From a tremolo of timpani
7. I part. Adagio - Allegro con spirito
8. II part. Andante
9. III part. Menuetto
10. VI part. Allegro con spirito
the concordance 45 fa - a sharp a minor Farewell
11. The ending. Presto. Adagio.

Years of record: 1966 (2 - 4), 1967 (11), 1969 (1), 1970 (6), 1975 (5), translation of a concert from BZK from March, 7th, 1985 (7 - 10)
Anatoly Vedernikov, a piano (1)
Igor Zhukov, a piano
Grigory Feygin, a violin
Valentine Feygin, a violoncello (2 - 4)
Ljubov Timofeeva, a piano;
the Orchestra of the State academic Bolshoi theatre of the USSR, the conductor - Fuat Mansurov (5)
Michael Vajman, a violin
Alla Zhohova, chembalo;
the Chamber orchestra of the Leningrad State philharmonic society, the conductor - Lev Shinder (6)
the State symphonic orchestra of the Ministry of culture of the USSR, the conductor - Gennady Rozhdestvensky (7 - 10)
the Moscow chamber orchestra, the conductor - Rudolf Barshaj (11)

Dear readers, under your numerous requests we continue a musical collection Great composers .

10 More volumes:

21. F.Schubert

22. J.Haydn

23. A.Dargomyzhsky

24. J. Puccini

25. F.List

26. K.Sen - Sanz

27. And. Skryabin

28. K.Debjussi

29. I.Brams

30. The Italian baroque

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