Rus News Journal

Dear friends! With the City Day!

more than 400 years cost our city on high to river bank Voronezh, being an advanced post of southern suburbs of our country. It was more than ever transfigured this year - the pure streets, the updated squares and   parks. In this city it would be desirable to live and be proud of it.

In public life of a city brings the mite and our enterprise, Open Society Corporation NPO the REEF . Though the history of our factory is not great (is based in 1988), it visually shows all aspects of economic life of Russia of end HH - the XXI-st century beginnings. Becoming joint-stock company, the microelectronics factory has managed to find and win the ambry.

Now the Corporation holds a firm place the manufacturer of high-quality production at once in several sectors of real economy. Leading enterprises military - an industrial complex of Russia in Tula, Kovrove, St.-Petersburg and other cities of the country use more than 20 years our production in the manufacture. At the same time throughout last 6 years we deliver various kinds of the electrotechnical equipment for needs of the basic manufacturers of railway technics in Kolomna, Novocherkassk, Bryansk. Now a perspective direction of development of Corporation is the organisation of industrial production of thermoelectric materials, thermoelements and production on their basis. It is necessary to notice that thermoelectric systems is a non-polluting way of cooling, however foreign analogues of such production practically are absent.

Modernisation and innovative workings out have allowed our enterprise not only to be kept afloat in difficult economic conditions, but also to reach good results.

Dear voronezhtsy, I congratulate you on a coming City Day! With optimism I look ahead and I believe that your knowledge, experience, diligence and kindness are capable to overcome all difficulties. With a feast!

the General director of Open Society Corporation NPO the REEF Alexander IVANOV.