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The maniac left on freedom from - for quarrels operov and inspectors

the Basic suspected of rapes and murders tagilchanok Roman Fetisov left on freedom a pre-trial detention centre in this summer (See   the Serial maniac left Nizhni Tagil on freedom, without having waited vessels and Mother of a victim of the maniac: - This will drag to go by the ground, and my daughter - to lie in a tomb ) . Last year when him have detained operupolnomochennye a criminal investigation department of Nizhni Tagil, he admitted six murders. For time spent in the chamber, has described four more terrible crimes. And then, later 12 months, has refused all appearances from the guilty. According to the advice of lawyer Fetisov has arrived more elegantly: having referred to 51 article of the Constitution, has refused to bear against itself. Under the Russian laws to prolong term of the maintenance of the suspect under guards, inspectors are obliged to give powerful arguments and proofs. But them at detectives why - that has not appeared. And Romana Fetisova have released.

when relatives of victims of the maniac were converted in it became clear that someone has strong bungled in investigation of crimes of the serial maniac.   in business of the taxi driver - the suppressor were engaged an opera from a criminal investigation department and employees of investigatory committee. And now, when to Nizhni Tagil auditors from Office of Public Prosecutor should appear suddenly, at last, will be found out, who is guilty.

I tried to contact workers of investigatory committee of Nizhni Tagil to clear up a situation. I am cold responded that anybody will not make comments on Romana Fetisova business. But after publications in the newspaper have responded an opera from a criminal investigation department.
they in a voice accuse employees of investigatory committee, without hesitating to name concrete surnames.

on murders tagilchanok some inspectors have started to work at once. But to gathering of proofs, by words operov, have concerned carelessly.

- after Sergey Sosedkov to whom we have submitted the case, has gone on leave, it was replaced with Alexander Bazhev, but to work the beginnings only in three weeks. Clothes of Fetisova have checked up in one and a half month after him have detained. Certainly, it already all has been washed, neither a speck, nor any particle of victims - anything, -   with disappointment Sergey Azhiganov tells the deputy chief of a criminal investigation department Lenin ROVD.

the Chief of a criminal investigation department of Nizhni Tagil Nikolay Pyrin very much does not favour work of inspectors of investigatory committee.
a photo: Simeon of TEALS
Under our laws, the rights to reserve examination and to submit the case about murder to court at police officers is not present. Here two years detectives of investigatory committee are engaged in it. They also collect proofs. And after all still one year ago it was possible to define precisely who forced and killed tagilchanok! For this purpose it was necessary to pass the condoms found near a body of Galina Gambarovoj to researches, and to spend DNA - the analysis of parts of a skin which have found out under nails in Svetlana Chizhovoj.

But it at cinema, and lives anything such has not occurred. Why? I have been rather surprised by the answer operov:

- These veshchdoki at inspectors were. But now they are not present! - the chief of a criminal investigation department of Nizhni Tagil Nikolay Pyrin speaks.

As he said, condoms with sperm of the maniac simply where - that were gone. That to skin parts them by someone`s error have sent on the general analysis of blood. And after that it is already impossible to spend genetic examination.

Now an opera wait for public prosecutor`s check and are afraid that in all will accuse them: a pier, at Fetisova militiamen have beaten out indications. (By the way, against them already opened similar case). And inspectors visit at this time relatives of the lost women. No not to find out a detail, and to learn, what for those were converted in .

While in law enforcement bodies find out, who is right, who is guilty, the maniac on - former walks about on freedom. To catch it there is no time.