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Leah we have learnt for a long time school knowledge remain in memory at kemerovchan

All of us studied gradually in something and as - nibud. - these lines are familiar to all of us and we say them often in various circumstances, a leah but we remember all whence they? Probably, many have now scratched napes and began to remember convulsively literary works do not complicate itself it Evgenie Onegin A.S.Pushkin.

From a school bench with us remained not only friends, memoirs, but also certain knowledge. We have decided to leave on city streets and to check up on how much well townspeople went to school. All questions we took from the school program. Here some of them:

- Who is the author of product the Thunder-storm

- Name the first element of periodic system of chemical elements of Mendeleyev

- What speed of a sound

- That such antonyms

- Name three branches of the power in the state

- Who such Pifagor

- As prince Oleg

Questions has died was 15, preliminary we have set to their families to be assured of their simplicity. People of absolutely different age responded to questions, since schoolboys, finishing pensioners.

Hm, the Thunder-storm there, when Katerina from breakage jumped, yes, yes. I remember. It seems that Ostrovsky . - very lovely grandfather has responded us, on what personally I was strongly udivlenna.

Some schoolboys also have surprised, but could not answer elementary questions of the program of the eighth class, referring that they learnt it one year ago and all have already forgotten.

58 persons four of which could not respond to one question have taken part In poll, and only 15 has answered all questions without one error, all these people have left school for a long time already.   we had at once a question, what for now children go to school. Certainly, answers it is possible to result much: to please the father and mum, to communicate to friends, to brag of new phone, but the main answer should be one - behind knowledge. After all the knowledge received at school can be compared to the investments, which people put in building, the industry.   school knowledge is a first brick in building of the huge house under the name LIFE .