Rus News Journal

To Blagoveshchensk have arrived Alexander Pashutin, Alexander Nosik and Elena Zaharova

the Pair of clocks back to hostel Asia one behind one cars with " have started to approach; fresh participants of a film forum. The first have approached Alexander Pashutin and Alexander Nosik. Men looked vigorously, despite seven-hour flight.

- And we to China want. It is possible to organise right now to us a trip? - Actors have asked film forum management.

- Oh, same it is necessary to organise, that you there have met - spent, - has sounded in the answer.

- And what there, terrorists? - Laughing, the Nouse and Pashutin have asked again, having been surprised that them want to sponsor on an one-day trip.

there has Afterwards arrived Alexander Pankratov - Black. Without having had time to enter into hostel it has loudly and severely asked:

- And in what number lives Fateyev (actress Natalia Fateyev. - Avt)? Show me it! I will go at night to beat out this door.

this statement a little strange Looked. But a second later there was Natalia Nikolaevna and actors have rushed each other in embraces. All has fallen into place and it was clear that the wail about vybivanie doors was display of love to the colleague on shop.

Further the well-known visitors began to arrive one after another.

the Nice teacher of ethics from a serial Kadetstvo actress Elena Zaharova has directly shined with the occurrence a hostel hall. Charming, without cosmetics it it is quiet, without hesitating, reacted to requests to be photographed with it. To a question on possibility to make with it interview has simply responded:

- Yes, of course, I only am possible at first I will have a sleep a little. Did not think what to fly seven hours so difficultly.

Same affable there was also Olga Mashnaja (Sofia from Vivat, naval cadets! ) . Olga has told that while she does not know, how there will be its days at festival, but first of all it, of course, will go to Valery Priemyhova`s monument. Olga was married for our well-known fellow countryman, acted in film with it and in its film Boys .

One of participants the Amur autumn there was actor Anatoly Zhuravlyov who has been fallen in love by spectators on a film All will be good . On the bill of interview for amurchan it posomnevalsja supposedly yes that I can modestly tell that? But promised to think.

Finished today`s arrival of stars actor Andrey Rudensky. Andrey not so wanted to be photographed since morning, but as a result has conceded to the persevering requests of the women which have appeared during this moment in a hall of hostel Asia .

the Part arrived the actor have hastened to rise in numbers that though a little to have a sleep, as already today at them departures in areas of area with performances.

As to actors of Pashutina, the Nouse, Zaharovoj tomorrow they play performance scene OKTS Casanova: love lessons .