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promsvjazbank offers new possibilities of management of salary projects

to Promsvjazbank enters new service for clients   legal bodies and individual businessmen   - Management of salary projects without leaving office . For realisation of this possibility the client module of remote control by salary projects " has been created; Maps in system   PSB - On - Line.

the Client module of remote control - a value added service, allowing to organise payment of a salary and realisation of other calculations connected with labour activity of workers of the organisations, it is centralised, the uniform payment document.

Considering new possibilities of management of salary projects which are offered by Promsvjazbank (in system of remote bank service PSB - On - Line), to clients services of a safe exchange with bank the files, minimising information risks at the expense of a data interchange on the certificated protected communication channels are rendered. Such   the service form allows clients   to save the   time and resources.

By means of the new program External exchange PSB there is a converting of files ON 1: the Enterprise (versions 7. 7 and 8. 1) in a bank format that essentially simplifies preparation of files for release of maps and salary transfer on bank accounts   workers of the organisation. Additional functions of management by salary projects do not influence service cost.

Promsvjazbank realises salary projects for the enterprises since 2001. By data for August, 1st, 2009,   bank   has let out about 500 000 salary maps.