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Monetary fever

Paper money with which we pay off every day, many try faster where - nibud to enclose - in actions, real estate and etc. Or as a last resort to spend them, having bought home appliances, furniture or things. But a leah you know, what not all money depreciates. Some, to the contrary, rise in price. For example, memorable coins from precious metals.

About what coins happen and a leah they enjoy popularity at juzhnouraltsev, to us Alla Valentinovna Shljapina has told the chief of currency and uncommercial operations of the Chelyabinsk branch of the Savings Bank of Russia.

the Bank of Russia annually releases to four tens silver and some kinds of gold coins. More than half from them it is bought up in the domestic market, first of all - through divisions of the Savings Bank of Russia.

Valuable coins share on two categories: memorable (they collection) - treasured dream of numismatists, and investment - a favourable way of an investment of means. They differ with quality of stamping and, of course, art value. Memorable coins - the present work of art. Each copy is unique. Investment coins are made by larger circulations, their price is approached to cost of valuable metals of which they are made.

the Chelyabinsk branch of the Savings Bank of Russia works with coins from precious metals more than 10 years. Every year to such way of an investment of money juzhnouraltsy show the increasing interest. For example, during the current year by inhabitants of area in our branches it is bought more than seventeen thousand coins!

this year we sell three gold coins in weight of 1 kg (2 - Russian, 1 - Liberia) cost more than 1,5 million rbl. and a five-kilogramme silver coin of the Virgin Islands Vespucci (cost of 350 thousand rbl.) . Not investment coins used smaller demand also: our branches for a year realise a considerable quantity of gold coins - more than 5000 pieces.

Within September in all branches of the Savings Bank of Russia, located in territory of the Chelyabinsk area and in Chelyabinsk, within all month, from September, 1 till September, 30th, there passes the action for clients of bank Fair of coins .

the Offered rich assortment allows to get for gifts, as to a professional feast, and bright event, coins from all continents of globe - Australia, Cook islands, Malawi, Cambodia, etc., - devoted to a symbol of this year to the Bull, zodiac signs, and also coins on the military subjects, for example devoted to legendary tank T - 34 or the whole set Kalashnikov . There are sets of a coin with characters all favourite cartoon films and heroes of not less favourite film Sherlock Holmes`s Adventures and doctor Watson . And as a gift to a newly-married couple it will be possible to get a magnificent gold coin Swans .

Acquisition of coins from precious metals is always a valuable and memorable gift. Precious metals, and especially gold, are reputed as eternal values. And consequently, if you are going to make close or the colleague a gift or have decided to enclose reliably the savings, - welcome to us in the Savings Bank.

Experts say that precious metals possess almost mystical attractiveness. It is necessary to see shine of the polished metal as at once there is a desire it to possess. And it is not casual those who though time has got a precious coin in branches of the Savings Bank of Russia, the gold ingot or has put up money in the depersonalized metal bills, come to bank again and again.

Information support of clients: (351 2 - 479 - 479.

the Savings Bank of Russia of Open Society. The general licence of Bank of Russia 1481 from 03. 10. 2002.

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