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Krasnoyarsk citizens can accept dry baths and to breathe by sea in a hydrochloric cave

In   Krasnoyarsk regional gerontologichesky the centre have brought the unique equipment which will allow patients to treat at once some illnesses simultaneously. For centre equipment it has been spent three million roubles from regional and federal budgets. One of such acquisitions - a miracle - the device magnitoturbotron. The person lays down in a special capsule in which the rarefied magnetic field operates. Under the influence of this field in an organism there are very difficult processes which contribute as though to reprogramming cages.

- now even the people who have had a stroke, can pass treatment in magnitoturbotrone, - Elena Aksenova, the deputy director by a medical part tells. - already after one course of treatment in magnitoturbotrone at patients painful sensations decrease, pressure is stabilised.

Now patients of the centre can accept dry baths. A new hydromassage bath, cost in one and a half million roubles, our pensioners have already estimated. The person lays down in a special bath which is filled by water, but it does not adjoin to the patient, it is as though concluded in a cover from a special material. The powerful waves of water raging under a warm rubber membrane, carefully mass a body. Analogues such dry baths in Krasnoyarsk while are not present. Also in gerontologicheskom the centre has appeared unique a hydrochloric cave . It is reproduced on similarity of a hydrochloric room by which did specially for the governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev. Walls and a ceiling are covered by sea salt, under shouts of seagulls and wave noise in a room sated hydrochloric air moves. In a cave the special sea microclimate is created. Experts notice that are especially useful such a sit-round gathering in a hydrochloric room in the autumn, during season ORVI.

Free of charge pass treatment in gerontologicheskom the centre all exempts of edge can, they can receive a direction on treatment in bodies sotszashchity.

By the way, the next year this equipment can use not only exempts who take place in the centre treatment on special vacation packages, but also each interested person.