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At the Ekaterinburg station two bratka collected a tribute from visitors

For many Ekaterinburg till now   associates with gangster groupings of times dashing 90 - h, skirmishes uralmashevtsev and centre and other criminal romanticism . Probably, on it also have solved to earn additionally two swells from Revda.

One of these days the engineer of one was converted into militia of commercial the firms, arrived to working business trip from the Barrow.

- me have plundered! Them was two. They have told that I should pay a tribute - twenty percent from all money that at me is! - the victim was indignant.

Uralets which have become by a victim of racket, has in detail described a couple of gangsters. Children have appeared perceptible: at one fingers of the left hand decorate tattoos in the form of rings, and at the second it is filled on a neck the maple leaf image. The engineer was converted behind the help at 18:20. In six hours militiamen have already detained fans gop - foot.

- arrested persons were represented looking nonexistent nowadays OPS an Uralmash demanded from visitors a tribute for abiding in a city, - has told on September, 17th a press - the secretary of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on Sverdlovsk area Valery Gorelyh.

- both malefactors with rich criminal history. 31 - the summer inhabitant of Revda Paul Sharov on a nickname the Bird was before we judge twice: for a robbery and theft.   he sat two and a half a year and in this time has had time to pin to itself rings on fingers of the left hand, and in a lap - stars. It on a slang of convicts means negation of all laws and any power. The second bratok - 28 - summer revdinets Andrey Alekseev too has visited prison.

it Was released more recently from the Kamyshlovsky colony after eight years of imprisonment.
Now both predators covered with a name nowadays of the late leader uralmashevtsev Alexander Habarova again behind a lattice. Criminal case under article " is brought; the Robbery . Investigation is conducted. Most likely, the engineer from the Barrow - not a unique victim of a criminal duet. Police officers ask all who has suffered from actions of Paul Sharova and Andrey Alekseeva but why - that has not declared it, to be converted into criminal investigation department Railway RUVD Ekaterinburg. It is necessary to call by phones (343 353 - 54 - 56, (343 353 - 54 - 57.