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Than to strengthen children`s immunity?

this autumn many murmanchane will lead for the first time the kids in a kindergarten. And the important role in exit preparation in the new world is occupied with strengthening of children`s immunity. After all to the house child unaccustomed to infections from collective, it is necessary to face in a kindergarten the present attack.

- If with the snivels the organism of the child already is able to consult, with snivels odnogruppnikov it is necessary to be overcome, - Claudia SARLAEVA managing pediatric branch   jokes; children`s polyclinic 4 Murmansks. We will try to understand how to leave victory for the child in this hard fight.

the National method to a national method rozn!

At forums on the Internet and on children`s playgrounds during this period parents share a heap of the miracle recipes, helping to strengthen immunity, yes here only not all of them are equally useful. So, some parents to sate an organism of the child with vitamins prepare a sweet mix: dried apricots, prunes, raisin, walnuts pass through a meat grinder and mix with a lemon and honey. Ostensibly also it is tasty, and it is very useful. And here doctors concern this recipe from scepticism shares:

- From a similar mix of the kid and the diarrhoeia can disassemble, and an allergy! It very individually. The mix really vitamin, but not will approach each child. Especially medical After all it obligatnyj allergen (a product, with bolshej a probability share calling allergic reaction. - Red.) - Claudia Nikolaevna warns.
Among national advice appeals are quite often audible also to accustom the child to a bath or bathing in an ice-hole. But these means are painfully radical, especially concerning children.

- If and to soar the child it is very careful. Any certain age standards on visitation of a bath are not present. But if parents very much would like to take the kid with themselves,   to do it it is necessary, when to the child it will be executed three years, - the doctor advises. - the special advantage to immunity from sweating room visitation will not be, and here the heart and nervous system can cause a loss.

- On a broader scale in immune system of the child it is not necessary to climb, - Claudia Nikolaevna warns. - the Main thing - to provide a high-grade food. If and to resort to folk remedies it is better to pay attention to an onion and garlic. Very well for immunity strengthening to include in a diet of the kid cabbage and apples, instead of foreign bananas and kivi which can easily provoke an allergy.

Cabbage doctors advises is all year long. At what to enter into a children`s diet it is possible all grades of this vitamin vegetable. It is possible to emphasise sauerkraut in the winter. Children`s immunity will be grateful to you for such menu.

- do not forget about polar berries, - the pediatrist advises. - a bilberry, a cowberry, cloudberries. Especially a bilberry! This perfect help for immunity strengthening. And berry juices from berries it is much more useful some compote and jam.

be not fond of chemist`s vitamins

Many parents actively stuff kids with preparations from a drugstore. But it is necessary to remember that all immunostimuljatory to the child are appointed the doctor. And polyvitamins to the kid are better for picking up together with the expert. If the child left on the south in the summer to start to accept them advise not earlier than October, on an early autumn internal stocks will suffice the kid also.

Will strengthen immunity of walk in the open air and airings. Though now in polar houses and without that it is cool, after all townspeople should wait for heating. And still to muffle up the child for the night it is not necessary, the main thing   to check up, that in a children`s room there were no draughts.

Without snivels not to manage

- to Panic from - for colds in the first year of visitation of a kindergarten to parents it is not necessary, - Claudia Nikolaevna confirms. - They are inevitable. After all both snivels, and cough are possible consequences   the adaptation period. The most important thing that at the child the temperature has not risen.

In the first year the organism of the kid should get acquainted with many new infections - so a cold and cough normal protective reaction. However, if the child zatemperaturil - is better to leave its houses. Call the doctor and take the sick-list. To make tests anew before an extract in a kindergarten it is not necessary. Blood on RV one of parents, soskob and research kala is necessary to pass the kid only once a year. However, consider, as a rule, to leave detsadovtsa houses without a call of the doctor it is possible no more than three days. Days off thus precisely also are taken into account.


To chastobolejushchim the approach

In kindergartens of Murmansk is special groups for chastobolejushchih children. If in the first years of visitation of preschool centre the kid has spent a lot of time on the sick-list, it can define in such group. To be frightened its names it is not necessary, here of the child will take care in the best way: tutors help children to strengthen lungs, to rinse a neck curative grasses. If necessary to children from these groups run courses of massage and appoint fizioprotsedury.