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How to get the maximum rise to pension?

to Reflect on the future pension never early. In the West this axiom is known by each schoolboy. At us in Russia to think dolgosrochno it is not accepted yet: to pension to live. Middle age of men at us in the country reaches only 59 years whereas on pension leave in 60. Nevertheless the government tries to change stereotypes. The standard of living and middle age in Russia will steadily raise. And now there is an excellent possibility to save money on an old age. How it to make? It is enough to enter the program state sofinansirovanija pensions. Nevertheless money simply so will not give - there is a weight of nuances. has tried to understand subtleties of the pension legislation.


the Program state sofinansirovanija has started to work since October, 1st, 2008. Take part in it any citizen of Russia can is more senior 14 years.
it is Enough to put in the statement in the branch of the Pension fund or to write it at itself on work in a staff department. How the program works? Its sense that, postponing, let us assume, every month 1 thousand roubles, you receive 1 thousand more from the state. To bring payments it will be necessary within 10 years (at least once a year).

the Minimum - 2000 roubles a year. The state accordingly will add every year in this case the 2000. Restrictions on the size of payments of the citizen are not present. However the size annual sofinansirovanija from the state cannot exceed 12 thousand roubles a year.

so for those who is not ready to spend more, will optimum pay from 2 to 12 thousand a year as much as possible to use reform in the purposes, that is at once to receive 100 % the income on each rouble enclosed in the program.

and further all will depend on a management company (UK). The foreign trade and investment bank (state UK) which operates pension money of 90 % of Russians, this year, for example, shows negative profitableness. And here private UK, to the contrary, have increased savings of the investors. At the same time and losses from - for crisis last year at them were big enough.

to Register in participation in the program it is possible till January, 1st, 2013. In Ministry of economic development and trade hope that by this time not less than 7 million persons will want to take in it part.


At the expense of an active advertising campaign (for it have spent about 100 million roubles) the quantity of participants of the program state sofinansirovanija pensions grows In the HOLDER every day. Statements have submitted already 1,57 million Russians. From the beginning of year they have listed on the pension bills almost 1 billion roubles. The state will list the share to them in 2010. On these purposes in the budget it is already put 2,5 billion roubles. Money should suffice on all. As explain in the Pension fund even if these means will be insufficiently, the government will allocate additional money.

nevertheless not all participants while have listed the payments in fund. As the experts much, most likely, explain have postponed payments for the end of the year, and someone now cannot pay from - for crisis. For such people the main thing - till the end of 2009 to list on the bill not less than 2000 roubles. Thereby they will confirm the participation in the state program and can count on surcharge from the state.

by the way, the basic participants of the program is not young men, and those who has already retired or will soon leave on the merited rest. The matter is that for those who was born
till 1967, it is unique possibility to save up for an old age. On conditions of pension reform the memory part of the future pension at them at the expense of payments of employers is not formed.

to SAVE FOR the OLD AGE it is better MOST

If the participant of the program does not live to the pension age, all saved up sum taking into account percent will be received by its fellow-heirs. Nevertheless, if the investor has lived on pension at least one month, to relatives will not get copecks. Pension accumulation to receive at once at a retirement it is impossible. They will stand out equal payments together with the basic pension.

completely to count only on the state in such important issue as savings on an old age, it is not necessary. As to trust so long-term programs we have not got used yet. Experts advise to save for an old age and is independent. For example, it is possible to be converted into not state pension funds. There it is possible to define independently terms of reception of the money saved up for an old age: or at once all sum at pension age approach, or within several years.

Experts advise from each pay to postpone 10 % for savings. To the program sofinansirovanija to give no more than 2 - 3 %. It is better to do other accumulation on an abacus in banks, PIFS and other financial tools. You at least at any moment can remove and use them to suit the own ends if such necessity appears.


the Pension fund of Russia finishes mailing happiness letters that is extracts from personal pension bills of citizens. Notices should receive almost 100 million Russians. Within last three months experts of the Pension fund sent on 700 thousand letters a day. In them it is possible to learn a total sum of pension accumulation available on the bill. In letters all receipts from employers on your pension bill since 2002, and also data on indexation are reflected, that is how much to you the management company has earned. If results of work do not impress you, it is possible to transmit the money in another UK. This choice can be made till December, 31st of each year. If the happiness letter to you has not come till the end of September, it is necessary to come into local branch of the Pension fund and to find out the reasons.


to pension it is possible to count On what increase?

the Future pensioner - Ivan Ivanovich, 39 years
Plan to postpone - on 12 thousand roubles a year within 10 years
Surcharge from the state - 12 thousand roubles more in a year
the Total sum of additional means on the bill - 240 thousand roubles
the Total sum taking into account percent (4 % annual) * for 10 years - 288 thousand
146 roubles
the Total sum taking into account percent (4 % annual), running after the program termination for 11 years which have remained to pension - 443 thousand 588 roubles

we Divide the received sum into expected term of payment of pension (19 years, or 228 months).
it is got a monthly rise to pension at the expense of the program sofinansirovanija - 1945 roubles **

* Percent depend on management company work.
* * Calculations do not consider the size of inflation for these years and means which were listed monthly by your employer.

company calculations the Personal capital .