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The vladimirskiy waterpipe is one of the oldest in Russia

the City Vladimir - one of the most ancient Russian cities, enters into the Golden Ring of Russia. It is located on left mountainous to river bank Klyazma. During age-old times Vladimir`s townsmen constantly experienced the big difficulties in maintenance with water, especially during fires. Water supply sources wells, poor water ministered, and the river Klyazma - to deliver water in a city, was necessary to rise on abrupt slopes.


Alexander Andreevich Nikitin - a mayor - has begun waterpipe building.

the waterpipe Building licence in Vladimir has been received in 1861. In a public censure vladimirtsev which was saved in regional archive, it is told about creation under the chairmanship of Alexander Andreevicha Nikitin`s mayor the Commissions about supply vodoju Vladimir`s cities .

religious procession with a wonder-working icon of God-loving Bozhiej of Mother to summer transportation through the river Klyazma on June, 15th, 1865 has been made. The bookmark of a building for the cars, accompanied by water sanctification there has taken place. A steam-engine in 25 horsepowers have written out from England. The engineer - captain A. Struve was engaged in its installation.

three wells in different parts of a city Besides, have been dug out and equipped: on a market square, the Ice cold mount and at descent to the railway.

on September, 11th, 1866 in Vladimir the city waterpipe has been consecrated. Waterpipe work was served by the steam-engine brought from England. On Kozlovom to a shaft have built a tower for the tank on 8000 buckets. Here in a special well the filter for clearing of river water has been arranged. In city centre the stone pool with the tank and a fountain has been arranged.

the First water folding pool with the tank and a fountain.

the Fountain in cathedral square. 1866

On each inhabitant 5 buckets of water a day were necessary. Many vladimirtsy have spent water to themselves in houses, truth, the waterpipe was imperfect, pipes continually burst.
a mayor Andrey Nikitich Nikitin - Alexander Nikitin`s who has died in 1867 father, took under a private responsibility a status of a waterpipe and with approach of spring of 1871, disposing and constantly observing of work personally, within summer has had time to spend water on a floor space, to church St. Sergija, and on the Zalybedsky party, has corrected and has strengthened former branches and by that has absolutely finished the waterpipe device having spent for it of the money more than 26000 roubles.
in 1924 in a city 115 000 buckets of water moved a day on the average. The system of water highways has been worn strongly out, as was not under repair during the whole ten years. From - for absence of the filter (filters have been thrown out in 1919 at installation of the new pump), water moved in a city without clearing. It created serious problems for health of inhabitants of Vladimir.

the Fountain in Lipkah .

In 1926 - 1927 the system filter " has been established; Dzhuel also the new station by productivity in 200 000 buckets a day is constructed.
the water economy of a city of Vladimir has received the further development after 1944. At this time has started to increase volumes the industry. Requirements for water supply have sharply increased. To provide a city with water, it was necessary to enter the second source of water supply.

the Fountain on Nikitsky

In 1965 has been placed in operation a complex of Nerlinsky water constructions by productivity of 50 thousand Cubic metres of water a day, and in 1975 - the second turn with additional capacity of 63 thousand cubic metres. Water from the river Nerl after clearing began to move in a city.
development of city infrastructures, large housing construction and industry development in 70 - has demanded 80 years increase in capacities of objects of water supply. For maintenance of the increased requirements for 1994 the Sudogodsky water fence by capacity of 56 thousand the cubic metres, considerably increased water resources of a city has been placed in operation.


the Former water tower became a museum.

In Vladimir`s city centre, opposite to a building of the former Offices, the fountain decorating our city here already the second century is located.
the problem of maintenance of townspeople potable water has partially dared in August, 1866 - thanks to waterpipe building.

Simultaneously with it in a city there was also a first fountain. It was originally supposed to arrange it on the area - against a building of meeting Of noble family (nowadays Officers` Club of the Vladimirskiy garrison), but subsequently the plan has changed.

the Fountain have placed in city centre - opposite to a chapel of an icon of Vladimirskiy Bozhiej of Mother. Here the stone pool with the pig-iron tank, pipes and cranes for water analysis has been established. And over pool the tank have enclosed with a pig-iron lattice.

In April, 1901 city public management has started the square device on the area before Offices, that by planting of trees city improvement in hygienic and decorative relations " has been reached;. Fathers of a city were visited by interesting thought - to transfer a fountain to square (nowadays square Are sticky ) Were opposite to a chapel of an icon of Vladimirskiy Bozhiej of Mother of the building of branch of the State Bank constructed by then.
the reason was: this Fountain, without bringing any advantage for the bank relation, rather zatesnjaet and without that small here the area, deprives the house of that beautiful kind what actually represents the told building . Thus, the mutual advantage, both for a city, and for bank was found out. It was necessary to fork up to bank. On May, 24th, 1901 contractor Efim Semenov Balashov was converted into the Vladimirskiy branch of the State bank: I Have honour to declare to the Vladimirskiy branch that I can take up dismantling of the fountain which is before the house of branch with removal of all mechanical parts, including tank without rasklepki and transportation of all material on poluverstnoe distance (500 metres - a bus) For the sum three hundred fifty roubles . Have issued, as it is necessary, the contract. The bank has paid the marked sum.

the Main fountain in the Central park.

To the middle of July, 1901 a fountain have broken also the area have definitively cleared. Since then the fountain has located in square Are sticky . Beautiful at all times year, it reminds us about fleeting warm summer.
today in a city constantly function more than 12 fountains, 11 from them are on balance MUP Vladimirvodokanal . Fountains are connected to a city waterpipe and sewer networks, and their reconstruction by forces of the enterprise is annually spent.