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Already is a lot of years abroad and in Russia at treatment of many female diseases the medical product VOBENZIM (by MUKOS Farma, Germany) is used.

VOBENZIM - the combined medical product consisting from highly active vegetative and animal enzimov (enzymes). The medicine concerns to anti-inflammatory and immunomodulirujushchim to means, has complex influence on the basic bodies and human body systems.

VOBENZIM it is applied at treatment adneksita, an endometriosis, a herpes. A medicine include in complex therapy of barreness and habitual nevynashivanija. Good shipping VOBENZIMA allows to help pregnant women at gestoze, a cystitis, a pyelonephritis and varikoznom expansion of veins.

the Method ANTIBIOTICS +   VOBENZIM it is used at treatment of a clamidiosis and other infections, sexually transmitted. VOBENZIM   increases concentration of antibiotics in the inflammation centre, raising efficiency of their application, and simultaneously reduces risk of ghost effects (a dysbacteriosis, an allergy).

At reception of oral contraceptives and replaceable hormonal therapy VOBENZIM reduces ghost effects of hormonal preparations, improves a status of blood cells and a vascular wall. VOBENZIM - means for treatment and preventive maintenance of a wide spectrum of diseases at women.

HEALTH of the WOMAN is invaluable!


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Moscow. Ph. (495) 231 - 27 - 31.

the Site: http:// www. mucos. ru/

At treatment of sharp diseases VOBENZIM appoint on 3 - 5 tab. 3 of time in day 2 - 4 weeks.

For preventive maintenance VOBENZIM recommend on 3 tablets 3 times a day courses from 2 - h weeks to 1,5 months, with repetition 2 - 3 times a year.

Before application familiarise with the instruction. There are contra-indications.

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