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That a roof has not taken down!

the correct covering is important not only for nails or a floor, but also for a country house. What to choose, that both it was beautiful, and it is not too unprofitable? And the main thing - is durable and is dry...



Service life - almost eternal. Eventually becomes covered by a patina - changes colour from brown to the green. Possesses all characteristics inherent in metal.


Service life - more than 200 years.
colour varies from grey to black, from dark - brown and dark blue to dark - green. Limitation of shades compensates beautiful not growing dull shine of a stone.

possesses all characteristics inherent in a stone. It is not subject to corrosion and istiraniju, it is not deformed under the influence of temperatures. High frost resistance and a noise isolation. Does not change colour.

the Ceramic tile

Service life - more than 100 years.
it is usually red - brown colour, but it is possible to put glaze of any colour. Low heat conductivity prevents excessive heating of a roof in hot weather and saves heat under a roof in colds. Does not accumulate a static electricity. Good sound insulation. The most qualitative the ceramic tile with a small amount of closed pores is considered.


the Metal tile . Becomes from profilirovannogo the steel zinced sheet with a polymeric covering on which the drawing simulating a natural tile is stamped.
service life - 15 - 20 years. A professional flooring - the same material,   only   without a decorative stamp. Therefore costs slightly more cheaply.

the Copper metal tile - is included into covering structure copper, and in due course on it there will be a noble green touch. For the same who does not have time to wait, the copper metal tile with a patina is on sale.
service life - till 100 years.

the composit tile consists of a high-quality steel sheet, from two parties covered with an alloy from aluminium, zinc and silicon. The covering is put on outer side from granules of a natural stone.
service life - more than 50 years.

pluses - small weight, simple installation. Various colour scale.

minuses - the raised expense of a material on a difficult roof. Propensity to corrosion to which places with the broken sheeting are exposed. Big shumnost during a rain and a wind is it is possible to eliminate if to paste on roof inside a thick layer of roofing material.

a flexible tile (a soft or bitumen tile). It is made from stekloholsta or the cellulose, impregnated with the modified bitumen with various polymeric additives. From outer side the tile is covered by a basalt or mineral crumb.
service life - 10 - 15 years.

pluses - a variety of colour shades. It is easily mounted. It bends easily and cut - such material can be used on roofs with a curve surface. At installation a small waste. The small weight, from - for what does not render znachitel -
nogo pressure upon a roof design. Can maintain temperature fluctuations and wind loadings. It is water-proof, steady against ultra-violet radiation, rotting and corrosion.

Minuses - need to be constructed continuous obreshetku, it leads to rise in price and design weighting. The material practically does not pass a moisture and water steam. Therefore it is necessary to fulfil very strictly requirements on the device gidro - and paroizo - ljatsii, and also ventilation podkro - velnogo spaces.

it is cement - a sandy tile . Gland is made of cement, natural quartz sand and pigments on a basis oksida. Such tile is not exposed to roasting, and receives durability as a result tverdenija cement.

Polimerno - the sandy tile - instead of cement is used polymer. It is put after formation on a tile surface. Polymer condenses a surface of concrete and improves external appearance of tiles. By manufacture a waste of polyethylene of all kinds - from packages to bottles from - under shampoo is used.
service life - predicted durability - more than 100 years.

pluses - installation works with these materials easy and fast. It can be made almost any colour. Well extinguishes noise during a rain or a wind. Small weight.

minuses is rather fresh product of the market of roofing materials, therefore it is not up to the end tested. Quality of a tile very strongly depends on quality of applied raw materials and production technology observance. If there were infringements the tile either will burn out, or will be showered year through three.


Ondulin - becomes from bitumen and a cardboard.

Service life - less than 10 years.
Pluses - colour various. Simple installation. It is combined with any material of walls. It can be used on almost flat sites of a roof.
a minus - service life - less than 10 years. Slate
Service life - years 50. It is checked up by practice.

pluses - very cheap. Simple installation. Grey colour can be recoloured. The paint increases service life.

minuses - ordinary-looking external appearance. Eventually from North side can acquire lichens. The structure includes asbestos which as a result of long-term disputes in the beginning of 2005 in the European Union, has been recognised by hazardous to health of the person and is forbidden to application by manufacture of roofing materials.


do not pursue the similar price

to One neighbour in a summer residence have offered occasionally to get a tile after very low price and workers to adjust too on cheap stuff. He has, of course, agreed. Having covered a roof, workers were quickly enough going to leave. But the neighbour has made examination of the done works. It was found out that the tile is laid incorrectly. A grief - workers undertook to correct all. Have removed, began to stack anew. But at assemblage - dismantling the tile most part have hurt. Having counted up forthcoming expenses, the supplier and its workers have unexpectedly disappeared. August was rainy, and there and autumn. The house stood with the disassembled roof. Torrential rains have gone. Brick walls and plates of overlappings have got wet and have become impregnated with water, and here have burst the first frosts. Water in walls has frozen, and they have burst...

not to get to a similar situation, we offer some advice from, than it is necessary to be guided, choosing a correct roof: a leah

* external appearance.

*, will cost how much a roofing material and other components for roof arrangement, but do not pursue cheapness.

* services (by itself - the longer, the better).

* find out, installation is how much difficult. It is possible to buy the best roof, but the workers who do not have the necessary qualification can spoil all.

By the way

Where and for how much it is possible to buy a roof in Novosibirsk?

Open Company Lakris
street Sofia, 12, t.: (383 345 - 15 - 28, 345 - 35 - 10

a metal tile - 1250 rbl./ sheet
Slate - 230 rbl./ sheet
the Professional flooring - 2020 rbl./ sheet
Ondulin - 490 rbl./ sheet
Gofrolist - 720 rbl./ sheet
Roofing material - 318 rbl./ a roll

Shop of building materials IP Ulyanov And. N
street Dovatora, 50, t.: (383 261 - 00 - 79, 292 - 40 - 31

Roofing material - 330 rbl./ sheet
Slate - 250 rbl./ sheet

the Trading company the Siberian roof
street Dusi Kovalchuk, 1, t.: (383 334 - 03 - 84, 292 - 43 - 84

the Metal tile - 250 rbl./ sq. m
Ondulin - 350 rbl./ sheet
the Professional flooring - from 175 to 240 rbl./ sq. m

Trading - the industrial company the Siberian roofs
B.Hmelnitsky`s street, 117, t.: (383 357 - 49 - 25, 230 - 20 - 50
street Zalessky, 7/ 1, t.: (383 263 - 62 - 28, 357 - 35 - 37, 226 - 88 - 46

the Professional flooring - 175 - 245 rbl./ sheet
Ondulin - 370 rbl./ sheet
the Metal tile - 265 rbl./ sq. m

Open Company Euroservice - the OHM
Nikitin`s street, 20, t.: (383 227 - 60 - 93, 266 - 21 - 97, 264 - 38 - 27
street Autogenous, 126, to. 2, t.: (383 212 - 49 - 76, 211 - 66 - 664, 267 - 14 - 84

Ondulin - 395 rbl./ sheet
Katypal (a soft bitumen tile) - 380 - 540 rbl./ sq. m
the Metal tile - 275 rbl./ sq. m
the Professional flooring - 265 rbl./ sq. m

the Call to the expert

What materials will approach for Siberia?

Vladimir CHEREDNICHENKO, the chief of workshop APM - 4 Open Societies PI Novosibgrazhdanproekt :

- Territorial features do not influence a choice of a roofing material as the most part of assortment of the building market approaches both to the snow North, and the warm rainy South. However many materials often convenient and accessible on price, contain the asbestos not so useful to health of people. In Europe its use in roofing materials is forbidden, while in our country they continue to be popular. Mine to you advice: use natural, non-polluting materials - metal, a natural tile