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The Ural fishermen plunder lzhe - inspectors

Having gone on the river or to lake poudit carps and leshchej, it is necessary to be ready to any unexpectedness. For example to that is unexpected from bushes there are people and will awesomely tell:

- Rybnadzor! The penalty for poaching - 500 roubles. All got fish too leave here!

From the beginning of month all ulov, and networks expropriated fishing tackles from ten fishermen. Impudent swindlers use that many uraltsy do not know the rights and are ready to obey to any awesome hail. Besides the present employees rybnadzora do not have special form, only the certificate which they are obliged to show. And lzhe - inspectors crusts showed to nobody, but demanded, that infringers have paid the penalty on a place.  

- If the tool lova, plavsredstva is withdrawn, fish - all it is described, assured at two understood. The penalty on a place inspectors have no right to take, all through bank, - the deputy chief of department of supervision and protection water and bioresources on Sverdlovsk area Sergey Pavljuk has commented on a situation. In rybnadzore ask all fans lova to remove suspicious inspectors on chambers or cellular telephones, to remember, as their transport looks. This data can be passed in inspection or police station.