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Night Murmansk: « UKOLnaja a party or Last party of Northern project »

UKOLnaja a party

the Label “ the Bourgeois project “ spends universal club vaccination and invites all on September, 17th in night club “ Sphere “.

you are expected by medical performance from the best collectives of a city of Murmansk.

Studio of dances “ the Plasticity “ will force you to fall in love with people in white dressing gowns, and for a female half singer Igor Tomsky will make illness course improbably pleasant!

the Musical enema will put:

      * 22:00 - 00:00 - Dj Green

      * 00:00 - 02:00 - Dj Magnito

      * 02:00 - 04:00 - Alexander Set >

Folk healer Igor Larionov will make your pastime on - to the present positive: jokes, will work competitions and prizes on you better any antibiotic!

Mood “ poboldet “ nurse Anfisa who will receive you on an input with open arms will create.

the Beginning at 22 o`clock. The prices:     22:00 - 04:00 - 150 rbl.

Last party of Northern project

“ Northern Project “ - the legendary, sign event, known to each admirer of a dance music of Kola peninsula. Each time it with impatience is expected, and it surprises each time and gives the chance to satisfy all various tastes and preferences of dancing night public.

“ Northern project “ opens new and final page in the history in club “ the Pilot “. On September, 18th you have last chance to soar up in inaccessible heights of sounds and light, to feel all scale of tremendous feelings from music of the diversified dancing styles on several dancings of the biggest club of a city. All the most favourite and new perspective di - dzhei cities and as the special visitor - DJ Serge Devant. Also bright and indelible show is dazzling!

the Beginning at 22 o`clock. The prices: till 01:00 - 350 rbl., after 01:00 - 400 rbl.

Banka on - murmanski

project Continuation “ the Retro - the Dancing “. On September, 18th an entertaining bath “ Sferka “ plunges into abyss of thoughtless binge on primordial - to Russian traditions! You yet were not in such steam room? Welcome!

the Instruction of the visitor:

* Russian steam room - El Paso will cure all hvori from man`s bessilja to female barreness visual effects and oak brooms! (Massage intimately - reserved zones for an additional payment)

* the Finnish bathhouse attendant - Pasterych will free of charge weigh you on girevyh scales “ Izhbytproma “ and as will offer “ polsotennuju with a cucumber “!

* we Remind what to spill alcohol on stones it is not recommended, and intake is encouraged, thus we urgently recommend not to abuse strong spirits

* For your convenience a rest room is equipped by players gramme - plates with vinyl disks of a domestic and foreign platform, such as VIA Bonnie of M, the executor of national songs of Muslim Magamaev and others.

Music: favourite hits of a disco 80 - 90 - h. With easy steam, companions!

the Beginning at 22 o`clock. The prices: under lists till 00:00 - 100 rbl., till 00:00 - 200 rbl., after 00:00 - 250 rbl.

Within the limits of SetUP Fridays the visitor from northern capital

Nevadim the DJ and the promoter Petersburg underground house movements will act in “ Umke “. In the end of 90 - h, pronikshis an aesthetics techno and deep house parties, was a part art of the project “ TOUCHE “ (Touch) is a community of the people, which purpose is acquaintance of broad masses with the modern art and new electronic andegraundnoj a scene, which difficult interlacing is a basis of creativity of collective, in which projects regularly spent thematic parties (with 2004 for 2009) practically in all advanced andegraundnyh institutions of a city of St.-Petersburg, and also firm open - air “ tehnovetnam “.

Cooperated (played and spent parties) with topovymi the Petersburg clubs such as: “ Griboedov “ “ Bubble Bar “ the closed club “ Friendship “ the Summer project of the Moscow club “ Soljanka “ “ the Swallow “ “ BarryWhiteBar “ and many other things.

the Adherent techno and deep house, the fan perkussii, in its sets the harmonious combination of intellectual notes and energy, atmosphere and the approach to a choice of a musical material - here definitions which have made Nevadima the DJ with own style is audible.

And also:

      * Hair

      * Slavarϊ

      * Kirill

the Beginning at 22 o`clock. The prices: 250 rbl., an input: 18 +

At supper to you will dance

the Noisy disco and midnight entertainment is at all your format of rest? Then for you club “ Marrakesh “ has prepared romantic evening.

Evening of Friday fine approaches for a slow supper in a good company. The European and Japanese menu, a magnificent collection of wines, gentle vkusnejshie desserts. For you easy unostentatious music within evening and brilliant numbers from dance theatre “ the Millennium “.

the Beginning at 20 o`clock. An input free!

the Concert of popular group “ CarMan “

For 15 years of existence group “ Penalties - Maine “ has let out 9 albums into which favourite songs have entered all: “ London, a buzzing baj “ “ CHio chio a dignity “ “ It is the Dignity - Frantsisko “. Group “ Car - Man “ took the first places at such significant festivals, as: “ the Smash hit - 90 “ “ 50Χ50 “ (1991), “ the Windfall “ (1994), in 1995 the group has been awarded awards “ the Ovation “ in a nomination “ the Best the priest - group of year “. The soloist and the leader of group Sergey Lemoh remains till now by the same dancing car and simply person to which many people imitate.

Group “ CarMan “ With success goes on tour across all Russia, lighting the energy concert platforms and night clubs. In 2006 there was a new album of group in which support concert tour has been spent.

northerners will have a possibility to take pleasure in group performance on September, 19th in “ the Magnet “.

the Beginning at 22 o`clock. The prices: 350 rub .

spend night in chocolate

the Most sweet night of autumn “ M - club “ hotel “ the Meridian “. Passion in dance, temptation in taste and love in music.

for you waits:

      * Juicy competitions;

      * Delightful prizes;

      * Tasting of chocolate of Bakkarat;

      * Shokoladno - erotic show - the program.

Sweet will submit at 22 o`clock. The prices: 300 rub .

For the first time on a scene of Polar capital - Animal a jazz

this evening the group prepares at once some gifts to the admirers. In - the first, the group promises the big concert program, and, attention, - prime ministers of songs from the future album work over which has already begun.

In - the second, there will be presentations of new clips “ all Is possible “ and “ Dominoes “. The director of a clip on a song “ all Is possible “ (feat. Vladi the CASTE) Victor Vilks - the cult person in klipmejkerskom the world has acted. To name its such works, as " enough; Infinity “ Zemfiry, “ the Bride “ and “ Ranetki “ Mummies of the Troll. Vladi from “ Castes “ also initiated history with Vilksom.

And, the attention, this evening will take place presentation new concert DVD “ ANIMAL ΔΖΐZ “! Earlier let out on video disks - concerts ANIMAL ΔΖΐZ were DIY - type, same - the professional work first for group.

the Beginning at 18 o`clock. The prices:. After 12. 09 - 400 rbl., in day of a concert - 500 rbl.

Live performance of a jazz quartet

on September, 19th in night club “ the Ice breaker “ the live concert of the Norwegian jazz quartet " will take place; DripP “ (Norway).

“ DripP “ - a jazz quartet from Norwegian Tromse. The collective writes and executes compositions in style progressive jazz with elements pop, rock and r’n’b.

Experimental mixture of sounds and rhythms under the name “ DripP “ has already sounded across all Scandinavia and in many cities of Europe. Soft melancholic melodies give associations with the term “ northern jazz “ while heavier motives leave impressions a hard - fate of a concert. Despite young age of musicians, group name one of the most professional jazz collectives of Northern Norway. The debut album will let out a quartet next winter.

For you play:

      * the Contrabass - Torje Helland Graff;

      * Shock - Jon - Eirik Boska;

      * the Electroguitar - Jardar Alexander Westvik;

      * the Tenor - a saxophone - Ola Rokkones.

  the Concert will pass in frameworks of the Russian tour (Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Novgorod, Petrozavodsk, Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk, Nickel, Murmansk).

the Beginning at 19 o`clock. The prices: 300 rbl.

For fans of fate

Cΰμϋι SKAηξχνϋι a concert of autumn within the limits of the Russian tour “ XX years in fate “ will pass in night club “ Sphere “ on September, 19th.

This time Murmansk fate - a season open ska - the punk virtuosos “ Distemper “.

On own example children have decided to show to the admirers and all young musicians to what it is necessary to aspire. Guys from Distemper were prepared for Birthday of the group in full arms. Modern insurgents of group taking to pieces by the power in the anniversary program “ XX years in fate “ will alternate with heavy artileriej hits from the early period of creativity.

the Beginning at 18 o`clock. The prices: preliminary sale since September, 2nd - 300 rbl., in day of a concert - 400 rbl.

For bards

Literary - musical cafe opens a creative season in a recreation centre “ Seamen “ on September, 19th.

In cosy friendly atmosphere of the Palace you can take pleasure in a cup of fragrant tea, communicate to interesting, creative people and to become the participant of a heading “ Free microphone “.

Evenings in literary - musical cafe are known for warm friendly atmosphere and are favourite murmanchanami.

the Beginning at 19 o`clock. An input free.

And for admirers hip - hop

Times change. Life goes further. The world around hip - hop and an industry underground changes. Stereotypes change.

we Will return time when all only arose and we will show, how it was. They moved a subject of Hip - Hop and the Underground of parties. We will return to the world of 2004. The world of development Extreme party and the majority of Hip - Hop of parties.

Meet OLDovyh guys on September, 20th in “ the Ice breaker “:



      * 3DAFUNK

      * DAM - K - RAD

      * DACAPO

      * GARVIN

      * MEKKA

      * MAL & ERIK

      * MC MAN

      * 4L1FE

      * 4s -

      * Dj SAX

      * Dj Magnito

      * Dj Chigi

      * M4Mind

      * Dj Fiction

      * ZDES’ Dj

      * GUST LIFE.

the Beginning festa at 17 o`clock. The prices: 150 rbl.