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Refuel gasoline of the European quality!

on September, 16th, 2010 in Open Society « Mozyrsky NPZ » the first party vysokooktanovogo gasoline AI - 95 - the Euro, the European standard corresponding to quality EN - 228:2008 (Euro - 5) has been received. In November at the enterprise have started manufacture of this production in industrial volumes. It is intended for realisation not only in foreign markets, but also for consumption in Byelorussia.

During the long period of operation of internal combustion engines on various kinds of technics certain requirements to quality motor topliv depending on their purpose and application conditions were generated.

Change tehniko - operational parametres of engines is accompanied by change and qualitative characteristics topliv that, in turn, conducts to working out of corresponding production technologies of oil products.

the World motor industry is not necessary on a place, therefore from year to year more and more high demands are made to quality of modern automobile gasolines, and not only ecological. It is free - involuntarily these changes mention also us as citizens of Byelorussia have changed for a long time already from Soviet legkovushek cars of the European, Asian and American manufacturers. That is why gasolines let out by us today have optimum according to degree of compression of the engine antidetonation properties at various modes on poor and rich mixes; are safe in circulation and do not call environmental contamination; Possess good isparjaemostju, and also provide easy start-up of the engine at low temperatures of the air, steady work and good priemistost the engine, not obrazovyvajut steam stoppers in fuel system at the lowered pressure and the raised temperature; are reliably pumped over in various service conditions, do not allocate a firm phase at negative temperatures; are highly stable, are not oxidised, not osmoljajutsja in the course of storage, not obrazovyvajut adjournment in a power supply system of engines; do not call corrosion of fuel system and the combustion chamber.

Open Society MNPZ.

« What gasoline it is better to refuel - AI - 92 or AI - 95? » Perhaps, this question among consumers one of the most actual. Business reaches even disputes. Almost each driver has the opinion, concerning qualities of gasoline. Here one of erroneous opinions: better AI - 92, as « production technologies of fuel with oktanovym number 95 at us are not present, and oktanovoe number raise by input of additives to 92 - mu to gasoline ». One more popular question: what will be if to fill in AI - 92 in the engine calculated on consumption AI - 95?

follows   to notice that from   oktanovogo numbers time of combustion of fuel and as much as possible admissible degree of compression depends. If it is exceeded, fuel in cylinders can samovosplamenitsja and without the spark category of a candle, even when the piston has not reached yet the necessary height. And though by many modern cars there is a special gauge which in case of detection of detonations in the motor, called by wrong combustion of a mix, adapts and recustomizes ignition system, the engine in this case gives out smaller capacity, and to prevent detonations completely it is not possible.

on the structure gasolines are difficult hydrocarbonic systems which are formed as a result of various technological processes of processing. In Open Society « Mozyrsky NPZ » the development Program which main objective is fuel release according to the European standards has been developed.

Open Society MNPZ.

High quality of stamps of automobile gasoline in Open Society « Mozyrsky NPZ » it is reached at the expense of commissioning of some industrial installations: installation kataliticheskogo krekinga, a complex of manufacture of the benzene, the combined installation on manufacture of a non-polluting component of gasolines - alkilata, installation of hydroclearing of gasoline kataliticheskogo krekinga.

Thanks to successful realisation of the given program since November, 2010 of Open Society « Mozyrsky NPZ » Has started release of gasoline AI - 95 - Euro which in comparison with gasoline AI - 95 has essentially lowered mass concentration of brimstone, benzene, aromatic hydrocarbons, according to requirements of European standard EN - 228:2008 (Euro - 5).

in our country gasoline of the standard of Euro - 5 it will be possible to refuel at the gas station ON « Belorusneft ».

Motorists should reject all doubts and habitual stereotypes and at refuelling of the car to prefer gasoline of standard AI - 95 - Euro.

On IIΜεζδσνΰπξδνξι conferences « Gasolines 2010 » passed in April of this year in the city of Moscow, results ispytanijbenzina AI - 95 - Euro (Euro - 5) are resulted. Tests have shown that new fuel clears the engine of a deposit on the average on 75 % during 15000 km of run , reduces dispersal time on the average to 5,2 %, the capacity increase was on the average observed on all cars on 6,5 %, fuel consumption reduction has on the average occurred on 2 %. And the main thing - as a result it will allow to save considerable money resources which can be spent for any other purposes.


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