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To Anatoly Romashinu was to take the girl an arm enough - and that was ready to go with it on the world`s end

It lived beautifully, played cards till the morning, displayed patiences, sang « Eyes black » went on jumps and put on as the English dandy. A leah it so attracted to it women? Colleagues remember: to Anatoly Romashinu was to take the girl an arm enough - and that was ready to go with it on the world`s end.

It filmed all life. All life. And in it - both the first, and the second, and the third wife - each of them he was ready to love eternally. Galina, Margarita, Julia. Giving thanks to these unique shots which most part will be shown for the first time, spectators can see beloveds of the actor eyes of Romashina.

Here Galina terrestrial, judicious. And it - explosive, creative. Speak, contrasts converge. But also disperse also easily. About why it has occurred, for the first time tells Galina and Anatoly Tatyana`s daughter.

to the Second wife Romashina Margarita today for 70. She lives in Spain and with love remembers Anatoly. Margo for the first time has invited a film crew to itself home to Madrid. When - that here there came also Romashin to persuade obstinate loved to return - and at the same time to repair the proceeding crane: according to Margarita, Anatoly had able fingers. Margo will walk on the Madrid streets and will remember, how many years ago they wandered here together with Anatoly: as examined show-windows as she wrote it cards.

Black-eyed girl Rita have taken out to Soviet Union still in 30 - e years. The daughter of the Cuban diplomat in twenty years became the actress. Romashin has fallen in love at first sight - has forgotten and about the lawful spouse, and about the growing up daughter. But has won the wilful beauty not at once. The more Margo resisted, the more furiously he aspired to sweetheart. Margarita promised the life full of passions - and it has turned out. Romashinu it was possible vljubit in itself the burning Spaniard, to result it in the REGISTRY OFFICE, but not to subdue.

Margarita as the present toreador, never allowed Romashinu to relax. Always arrived, as it would like. In 70 - e Margarita has unexpectedly decided to leave home. The actor demanded, that it remained, but unless it is possible to keep the girl in whom the Spanish blood rages? Spouses have divorced, and in some years when Margo as has suddenly returned, again have got married. Then unruly Margo has fallen in love. The scenario repeated: scandal, divorce. But the passion has passed, emotions have settled, and Romashin has again forgiven the windy Spaniard. Once again having met pair on a threshold, workers of the REGISTRY OFFICE have not sustained: « you would find out, eventually, together you or not! How much it is possible?! »

They have left definitively in the end of 80 - h years. Unbounded quarrels and reconcilements of the father and mother remembers their daughter Maria who now lives in Chile.

In 18 - summer girl Julia the actor has found smooth water when to it was already 58. Certainly, it was necessary to listen many malicious gossips about it, but Romashin has been assured: to it at last - that there was that which he so long searched. Anatoly and Julia have lived 8 silent happy years while the ridiculous death of the actor has not separated spouses. Behind a friendly chat together with 13 - summer son Dimoj and the godson of the late husband - actor Evgenie Stychkinym - the widow of the actor will remember, what were these instants of life with Anatoly Romashinym: without scandals, requirements, and excessive passions. It has with interest sufficed it in the previous marriage.

From the date of death of the actor has passed 10 years, but he on - former lives: on own film and in the hearts of beloved. The first wife Galina cannot forgive till now Romashina, but is grateful to it for the daughter. She has refused interview. And Julia and Margo even have made friends. At all neshozhesti characters in them there is something the general. When Julia happens in Spain always stops in the house of Margo, and that with pleasure helps to nurture Julinogo of the son. Speak, every Sunday Julia comes to the husband on a cemetery. And in a bedroom of Margo on - former hotly favourite Anatoly`s portrait hangs.

« Three lightnings in heart. Anatoly Romashin » on January, 9th, 10. 50, the First.