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In Tver in the first day of new year of boys was born more

For New year all have got used to receive gifts from the Grandfather of the Frost. To children it brings sweets, toys; the adult phones, keys from new cars, ornaments. But this year it was necessary to the Grandfather   to give not absolutely usual gifts. The frost has actually changed storks. They that now heat the wings in the south and of work do not think at all. And who of kiddies to happy parents will deliver? Here also it was necessary to the Frost to be answerable for all.

In the first day of new year in Tver was born eight kids. All are healthy and fine feel. Only shout.

the girl in the fifth maternity home has appeared the First on light. She has waited the terminations of the standard dinner at all from an hour to two and was born in 14. 20. This babe a hit - parade of newborns wins first place in ours.

Further the fifth maternity home has continued to register kids. In 15. 35 the girl was born still. Further in 15. 50 and in   17. 00   boys were born.

In the third maternity home the boy in in 16 was born. 35. In the second maternity home   guys were born   in 18. 00 and 19. 00.

the Amicable man`s company already with might and main wailed, when the fourth maternity home in 20. 45 has accepted one more childbirth. The woman has finished   the first day of births of New year.

So, on January, 1st 2011года on light there were 8 kids: 3 girls and 5 boys.

For comparison last year the same day was born 12   kids.

By the way the most productive, as well as last year, still have the fifth maternity home. As well as last year, it has accepted most sorts. More in detail about January, 1st, 2010 it is possible to read in a material У on First of January in Tver was born more boys than girls У