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Cognac with a lemon - for hair, hot butter - for a skin

In a heat of winter, and after celebratory excesses hair quite often look weakened, fat. Together with dermatokosmetologom Hope Chervinsky we have picked up recipes taking into account colour and structure of hair which will help to cope with this problem. It is desirable to put each of these masks of once a week and to hold on hair of 20 minutes.

For brown-haired women:

Konjachno - lemon opolaskivanie for a food and strengthening of hair. Mix a table spoon of the cognac, one egg yolk and a honey dessertspoon. At the raised dryness of hair dilute a mix with a vegetable oil teaspoon. Hold a mask of 20 minutes, then opolasnite hair boiled water in which juice of a half of a lemon is added.

For blondes:

One table spoon of henna (without a hill) mix with one table spoon of boiled water and a honey teaspoon. Carefully shake up, then to the received weight add one fresh egg and more time stir.

For brunettes

Try tincture from red siliculose pepper. One part of red pepper fill in with 10 parts of vodka, insist three days and filter. Then tincture dissolve in 10 parts of boiled water and time or two in a week (it is desirable for the night) rub in a skin volosistoj head parts.


Ordinary mustard well degreases and ozdoravlivaet hair thanks to the high maintenance of vitamin C. Pound in water 2 teaspoons of a mustard powder, dilute with two glasses of warm water. After head washing wipe hair this structure, take minutes 5 and carefully wash out.

the Excellent hairdress even under a cap - it is quite real!


Hot butter against the exposed to the wind skin

Warm up to temperature while the hand suffers two table spoons of vegetable oil (better olive, but it is possible also sunflower). Dip into it some wadded disks or one dense fabric napkin. Then will put the napkin impregnated with butter on the face, from above become covered by a terry towel for heat preservation. Not to soil butter clothes, make a cape of a polyethylene package. A mask hold minutes 20 – 30.

Hope CHERVINSKY, dermatokosmetolog:

- the Recipe effective. Thermoprocedures with butters are widely used in cosmetology. They are directed on skin smoothing, to improvement of its tone and elasticity (on - scientific - a tourist`s mount). Vegetable oils are rich with vitamin E which helps healing treshchinok and zaedov with corners of lips. But casually not to burn, preliminary check up butter temperature on the back party of a palm!

But procedures with butters are counter-indicative to those, to that suffers affliction the raised fat content of a skin and ugrevoj a rash.