Rus News Journal

What at you in a family a Christmas dish?

Victor LOBKOVICH, producer Comedy Club Minsk:

- Mushroom soup from perlovki with ceps and the a bit fried fat in Russian oven. Still a stuffed chicken and the baked potato.

Sergey NAGORNYJ, the head of studio of a fashion:

- Mum submits to a table a duck with berry juice, seafood and olive with sausage or slices of a chicken. But to arrive for this Christmas to parents it will not turn out. I will prepare therefore all dishes itself.

Oleg HOMENKO, the leader of group “ Palats ”:

- Sometimes we prepare buckwheat or boiled rice. And whenever possible we fry a duck or a turkey-cock. But every year we necessarily do pancakes and fritters with a syrup and honey. It quickly both is tasty. Also we fry fish - this tradition in our family is immutable.

Andrey KOROVAJKO, the leader tut. by TV:

- In Christmas Eve it is pies with apples, pies with mushrooms, mushroom soup, a herring under a fur coat. On Christmas - a huge piece of the pork baked in an oven. And koronnyj a dessert - makelki. These are the small rolls soaked in pounded makovyh grains.

  Victor SHNIP, the poet:

- In our family the main Christmas dish is meat. After fast it seems that on light there is nothing is more tasty a pork or ham piece.

Zhanet, the singer:

- Mine koronnoe the dish for Christmas is a chocolate sausage. It prepares easily, and it turns out is very tasty! Some packs of cookies undertake, are made small and fallen asleep in in advance warmed up mix from the butter, two table spoons of cocoa and two table spoons of sugar. All mixes carefully up, filled in in a cellophane package and put in a deep-freezer at 1,5 o`clock. Chocolate sausage is ready, and all visitors who have come to you will guess all the evening long that it at you such on a table!

Svetlana FILJUTA, the student:  

- Anything sophisticated: a chicken with a lemon and a potato. And for a dessert a biscuit pie with fruit.

Svetlana KOROSTELEV, the director of consulting group « the Square »:

- the Chicken with pineapples. To do it it is very simple, and it turns out it is very tasty! It is necessary for a fillet of a chicken to beat off, presoak slightly in mayonnaise with spices, then to fry to a crisp. Then a chicken it is shifted in kastrjulku: a fillet layer, a layer of tinned pineapples circles, a layer of a chicken, a layer of pineapples … to Extinguish to readiness and to submit on a table with fresh greens.

Maria RAGOZIN, the homemaker:

- Both on roman catholic, and for orthodox Christmas always I prepare a jelly. Beef, pork leg, bulb and spices cook about six hours, then meat I separate from a bone, I cut, I fill in with the filtered broth, I put in the refrigerator even hours on six. To a table I submit with a horse-radish. And faster dish of a festive table - a kolivo. For it I take on 100 grammes of rice, raisin and honey.