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Father Frost diary: For years of work only time has asked, who my wife. Has told: the Mother Winter

« to the FUTURE PRESIDENT HAVE presented the GLOBE And the BELARUS FLAG »

the Grandfather usually start to call since roman catholic Christmas. Children already wait for gifts, and adults do not shelve miracles. And we are always ready!

Our performance lasts 15 - 20 minutes for which it is necessary to have time to sing « In wood the fur-tree » was born; to hold pair of competitions, to please children with riddles and to listen to their rhymes and songs.

with Performance malyshni and distribution of gifts our visit also comes to an end. But as children not in a course of our accurately planned program, quite often they begin shparit rhymes, only having greeted Father Frost. And then reasonably ask: « And you to me have brought a gift? » but after all the program and money of parents should be fulfilled. Therefore it is necessary - to exorcise different jokes humourous catchphrases the child. A pier, a present - that I to you have brought, and a leah you, the friend know, a song about a fur-tree, and zagadochku here such …

the child you considers All this time - a leah the present you Father Frost. « and yesterday to me artificial Father Frost came to a garden, it in boots was » - four-year Dannik has told to me.

he did not doubt me. The red nose which has been made up by lipstick, a long white beard and huge valenoks still never brought me. I that on am the present! For this reason Dannik in the middle of representation, having thrown on a course: « I now important will show something to you » - has suddenly escaped in the next room.

a minute later together with mum it has brought to me a turtle and a cage with two birdies. Next five minutes he to me told that the turtle that the parrot and etc.

Children iskrenni, and for them Father Frost not a fairy tale, and byl speaks eats. Therefore they would like to show everything that they are able, and to tell everything that know. Drag the dogs, cats, a toy, drawings …

3 - summer Alesha has offered me: « Allow to play in draughts! » parents to it: « the Grandfather hurries up, it to other children should go » - but the boy has already rushed off behind a board. In draughts he, of course, was not able to play, to it helped senior 9 - the summer sister.

Doing the first course, I thought: « to Lose or win? » on the one hand, it is impossible to offend the child, and with another - that it for the wizard who for the long life has not learnt in draughts to play. And I have won, taking a prize the promise that Alesha will necessarily learn to play and in a year we with it will play again. He has not taken offence, because nearby there was a bag with gifts. As you guess, to me they preliminary in a corridor were passed by parents.

After delivery of gifts children leave in the world and cease to notice Father Frost with the Snow Maiden. For them already all has occurred, everything about what asked, have presented! And consequently to leave us it it is completely not a pity.

All these stories that children are interested, who at the Grandfather of the Frost the wife where he lives that eats and how old is he, nonsense. For four years of work only time has asked me, who my wife. Has told that the Mother Winter.


« CLINK glasses, the SONNY, With the GRANDFATHER ».

the Bag for gifts at us with the Snow Maiden the huge. Red, satiny. More often on the Grandfather some families (representation costs from 55 thousand roubles) so gifts happens much are dumped and it is necessary, that all of them have gone in in a bag. Give baby carriages, designers, huge cars. But there are also rather original gifts.

Mum has packed to us the globe and a small Belarus tag. « It is Pavliku, he wants to become the president ». Pavlika in the company of children we have learnt at once. The future president met us in a tie, a red shirt and black trousers. Having seen it, I have remembered that congratulated the boy last year. Then we with the Snow Maiden have presented to it not machine any there, and an iron wheelbarrow for truck farmers. Perhaps, really big person becomes?!

Unexpected gifts for us was much. For example, bed-clothes which mum has prepared for two little sons. And one of them waited bed with asterisks, and another - with bears. It was impossible to mix in nowise. Mum winked at us.

But also us with vnuchenkoj indulged. Solemnly presented drawings, treated mandarinkami and candies. Drawings promised to hang up in a log hut, as have made, and sweets ate in the car.

And on the very first call to us have handed over a package with a bottle of vodka and two chocolates. There was than celebrate a first day of work. So, symbolically.

Drunk Father Frost is not about me. Simply if you will touch, language will be braided also all scenario from a head will take off. Few times, there was a business, have drunk on a champagne glass, but it the Grandfather from a track will not beat out. Especially the people - that ask. And what to do, if mum speaks to the six-year son in a suit of small Santy: « Clink glasses, the sonny, with the Grandfather the Frost! » at it in hands a glass with juice, at me in crystal - champagne. Have clinked glasses.

our Children, I will tell to you, remarkable. In their eyes the bottomless sea of tenderness and warmth, pleasure and love. It not you it, it they give you a feast! Therefore about any hack-work and speech cannot be. For these 20 minutes give all the best under the full program, there is apartment all wet and only are felt at home, how you were tired for these five small representations.

Till December, 31st was on the average four - five calls, and for New year - ten is more.



how adults - separate history behave. When - nibud about it will shoot a New Year`s comedy. In spite of the fact that call us to children, fathers and mums also give us representations. Especially when already warmed-up company sits at a table.

I Remember, how mum with ears zajchika on a head has jumped on a chair and has read to me a children`s rhyme. I have been excited not so much by its performance, how much a deep decollete. The compliment which to mum - zajchihe has pleased has paid it. And in other apartment already other mum was ashamed to be photographed with us and children supposedly excuse, I look bad. « I do not know, how to whom, and you are pleasant to me » - I have told to it, and it with a smile was attached near me. Father Frost obviously was pleasant to mums, and as required I always said that « more fine you on light are not present ».

in general, has reached that the Snow Maiden has rebuked me: « Be more careful, to mums - that is pleasant attention of the Grandfather of the Frost, and here to jealous fathers - is not present. I saw their sights ». « You would see vnuchenka as they looked at you » - I have made even a bill.

Fathers, happened, too otmachivali, but a side of decency did not pass - the Snow Maiden will leave, and the wife - that remains.

but most of all we were amazed not with these fathers.

Before the next order vnuchenka has warned: « Have called and have told, that we in a corridor were undressed. At them there any carpets valuable. At you socks not full of holes? » with socks all was as it should be, for what I have thanked the wife, new pair which has thrown to me the day before.

In a corridor I have thrown off valenoks, the Snow Maiden has put away boots and we have first of all darted a glance at carpets. « the most usual » - has whispered to me vnuchenka.

Next day the history has repeated: « you where? - The master of the house has exclaimed. - remove footwear. At us the parquet of a moisture is afraid ». Here to you and all magic.

in general, in these two families children looked not at my marvellous snow-covered valenoks 47 - go the size, and on grey trousers and dark blue woollen socks. But as without boots harmonous legs of the Snow Maiden looked!

But most of all we have been amazed by visit to the private house. A fur coat at Father Frost - one name. In the street almost does not heat. Under it you put on an easy pullover that in apartment and really not to thaw. The Snow Maiden not to seem a snowman, also put on easily: the Polo-neck, kapron stockings... We open a gate … And children which persons plainly it is not visible from - for caps and sharfikov, meet us in a court yard, at a fur-tree driven in a snowdrift.

In the street a minus 10, an ice wind! « Perhaps into the house we will come? » - I ask from mum. « so we here prepared! Unless you have not warned?! »

Well, I - have sustained those 20 minutes, and here the Snow Maiden has thawed only houses. But, driving a round dance at a fur-tree, we so never sincerely sang: « the Frost wrapped up with a snowball: Look, do not freeze! »