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Putin has contacted the seamen who have got stuck in sea of Okhotsk

Vladimir Putin has promised to the captain of a mother ship « Commonwealth » to Grigory Zatelepe that rescuers shortly « will begin movement in their party ». « I now just talked to the captain « Admiral Makarova » (the ice breaker going on a gain to seamen). Certain time to finish with « is required to it; Cape of Elizabeth » (other ship which has got stuck in ices). There the vessel too has got to a misfortune - hour it is necessary for two it for work with « Cape of Elizabeth » and then they will go to you, - he has told. - promised to be Moscow time by the morning at you ».

the Prime minister - the minister also has taken an interest at seamen, a leah suffices them water-supplies, meal, the foodstuffs. The captain of a mother ship has confirmed that with the foodstuffs on the got stuck courts « that`s OK ».

we Will remind, on December, 31st it became known that in ices of gulf of Sakhalin vessels « have got stuck; Hope Coast » (the port of registry Vladivostok), « Professor Kizevetter » (Vladivostok), « Commonwealth » (Vladivostok). It was informed as well about got stuck « Tumnin » (Sovgavan) and « Island Karaginsky » (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij). On Monday to already got stuck sudnam it was added two more ships - the refrigerator « Anton Gurin » and a seiner « Cape Elizabeth ».

On a mother ship « Commonwealth » there are 348 persons, on « hope Coast » - 35 persons, on « Professor Kizevettere » - 49 persons, onboard « Anton Gurin » and « Cape of Elizabeth » - 100 persons.

In the most dangerous position there was a trawler « Cape of Elizabeth ». Drift of ices it has brought for 1 kilometre to coast, and the vessel could take out on stones. For this reason the ice breaker « Admiral Makarov » first of all has gone to this trawler.

the Ice breaker Admiral Makarov Goes on a gain to seamen

Lives of seamen of all five courts of nothing the Provisions and fresh water threatens

is available in enough, damages by the ships are not present. However sudnam ice conducting for an exit for an ice edge is required. Most hard it is necessary a trawler Cape of Elizabeth drift it drags to coast and can take out on stones.

to the aid of the courts which have got stuck in ices there was an ice breaker « Magadan » however it did not have not enough capacity for rescue of the emergency ships. Afterwards for « Magadan » in Ohotsky the ice breaker « has gone; Admiral Makarov » arrived to gulf of Sakhalin from port De - Castries of Khabarovsk territory. However and most « Makarovu it is now hard. According to its captain, the vessel case acquires a thick ice fur coat and obstructs to traffic.

the mother ship is clamped In sea of Okhotsk since December, 30th « by ices; Commonwealth ». On its board there are 348 persons

- For rescue of trailers « Elizabeth » and « Gurin » the special way of towage will be applied: when the emergency vessel is closely moored by a nose to a stern of the ice breaker and fixed « moustaches » – Special cable, - the director of Department of special fleet of Far East sea shipping company Vyacheslav Nagonjuk (read more in detail) speaks.