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The hero “ Two captains “ it is written off with Onega pomora

the Murmansk regional specialist searches for a family of the participant of the Arctic expedition of Brusilova

the Murmansk regional specialist was converted Into edition Alexander Kuznetsov , the native of ancient archangelical village Maloshujka. He searches for relatives of the seaman Prochorus Bayova , the participant legendary brusilovskoj expeditions. However, we will ask to speak to Kuznetsovu:

« the Onega coastal region always was famous brave morehodami. Almost in all expeditions to Arctic regions took part Onega pomory. In 1912 three polar expeditions have been organised. Where - that at coast of Siberia Rusanov`s schooner « was gone; Oat-flakes ». « Sacred Foka » Sedova has returned, but without the commander. Was gone, having left weight of riddles, a schooner of Brusilova « Sacred Anna ».


the Schooner « Sacred Anna » was gone in ices of Arctic regions in 1914.

« St. Anna » solemnly saw off in August, 1912 from a mooring in Petersburg. Prochorus Bayov entered into a line-up of this vessel onezhanin. Before expedition there was a task in view - to pass for one season Northern by sea to Pacific ocean. However already in Kara sea the vessel has got to continuous ices and has frozen in in huge long-term pakovoe a field which a current has incurred on the north. Foodstuffs and fuel stocks were quickly reduced. People one after another fell ill. Friction between commander Brusilovym and navigator Albanovym have begun. Last in April, 1914 with 13 companions has left a vessel. Three have returned back aboard, having been frightened of difficulties of a forthcoming way. Prochorus Bayov was among daredevils who have continued transition on ices to coast. But he could not see the earth, it has not returned from one of way investigations...

Prochorus Sergeevich in ancient pomorskom village Maloshujka Was born. As well as the majority of men, every spring it went with companions on Murman, but the special prosperity in a family was not. It knocked about with the wife and the chest daughter on another`s apartment.

- they lived in poverty, - the inhabitant remembered has sat down Avgusta Fedorjak (Kuzmin). - Prochorus Sergeevicha`s Mother in secret from the husband to the daughter-in-law carried bread. When Prochorus Sergeevich has left in expedition, the wife with the child have absolutely become impoverished. And when also the second summer has passed, parents of the husband have turned out them. Began to go on neighbours there will feed here will give that. Itself it is illiterate. Where the husband has left, does not know, who the chief of expedition - does not remember.

the Sad message about Prochorus Bayova`s  destruction was brought to his wife by their fellow countryman and extended family Nikolay Bayov. It has appeared that survived with « St. Annas » George Sedova`s expedition has picked up. The meeting has occurred on cape Flora (the Earth Frantsa - Joseph). Two participants of expedition of Brusilova - navigator Albanov and sailor Konrad have reached only. These brave people have overcome a three-monthly way on ices from « Sacred Anna » to archipelago. « St. Foka » having taken away them, has moved on the south, burning in fire chambers last coal. Manoeuvring between ices, the vessel has reached Murman where them have hospitably accepted in stanovishche Rynda. Here the fellow countryman and Prochorus Nikolay`s namesake at this time traded.

- On tows have resulted « St. Foku » in Ryndu, - he remembered. - the vessel is peeled. Everything that could, in fire chambers have burnt. People all thin, morhovatye (badly dressed. - Red.) At some feet have swelled, go - shake. From them has learnt that maloshujsky Prochorus Sergeevich Bayov has found to itself a tomb in the ice cold sea.

Wife Bayova has learnt about  destruction of the husband in 1914. The second time has married in Kemi. The daughter was nurtured at relatives in Zahrebetnom, at aunt Stepanidy. Has then got over to Arkhangelsk.

Many read Veniamin Kaverin`s book « Two captains » but not all know that the author has written off expedition of captain Tatarinov with brusilovskoj. maloshujskogo Prochorus Bayova the author has crossed ours in Moreva. So our fellow countryman has got to the well-known novel … »

- In Murmansk area lives many Bayovyh. Perhaps someone will appear Prochorus Sergeevicha`s relative. Respond, please! - Alexander Kuznetsov is converted to northerners.


Vladimir Kurdyumov, in Kirov you are waited by children and mum


Last time on communication with native Vladimir Kurdyumov left in 2007.

Irina Kurdyumov and her brother were born in Murmansk. Unfortunately, their mum has died. The father, Vladimir Kurdyumov , 1958, worked as the cook by the ship, therefore to leave children ashore there was nobody. Then it has brought kids to the parents to settlement Hristoforovo of Luzsky area of the Kirov region. To a family came only during holiday. And children while lived and were nurtured at the grandmother with the grandfather.

- Once the father has arrived with the new wife, - Irina Kurdyumov writes. - but the grandfather has not given us. The father has left. First wrote us letters, sent parcels. In 2007 have received from it last letter. I have responded, but it is more than messages from the father was not. Where it now - we do not know. All hope of readers « Help to find it, please! After all here Vladimir Kurdyumov is waited by mother, to it 83 years, and she very much worries, hopes to see the son. And our grandfather, unfortunately, has died 4 years ago. Also at the father in the Kirov region there live two brothers. All of us very much love it and with impatience we wait for news.

Vladimir Kurdyumov`s Last residence, known to Irina, - Murmansk, street Chumbarova - Luchinsky, 19 - 4. All who can help 21 - summer kirovchanke in search of her father, respond!

Sergey Ageeva is searched by Lyudmila Kurjachaja

Memory - a strange piece. At times casual acquaintances which could outgrow in something bolshee but when - that have broken, remind again of themselves. Also you start to feel sorry that then not all has solved, has not finished speaking. It seems that in such situation there was Lyudmila Kurjachaja from a city of Slavyansk - on - Kuban that in Krasnodar territory.

- In 80 - h years has brought me to Murmansk. Traded at you in the market, - Lyudmila Grigorevna tells. – Then has got acquainted with Sergey Ageevym . It worked in the market in a militia room. Now - that to it already under 50 should be. And then was young, flowers gave, looked after me. However, our acquaintance proceeded all week. Then I have left Murmansk. Sergey wrote to me, but I have soon ceased to respond to his letters. Now I feel sorry …

According to Lyudmila, Sergey Ageeva`s mum worked on Murmansk glavpochtamte. Sergey was known also by colleagues from transport militia that patrolled railway station. Alas, other data about the Murmansk acquaintance at Kurjachej is not present. Expensive readers if you know something about Ageeve, call, please, in edition « ».  


Ella Namestnikovu native did not see three months



Still on September, 30th Ella Vasilevna Namestnikova , 1984 year of birth, has left the house and has not returned. She lived to the address: Murmansk, World street, d. 5. Signs: by sight 25 years, growth 175 - 180 sm, a thin constitution, the person oval the Caucasian type, hair straight lines, black, eyes brown, a straight line nose. A special sign: on a stomach on the left side and on the left forearm of a tattoo with the image of snakes. The girl has been dressed in a short dark blue jacket with an almuce with red fur otorochkoj, is dark - dark blue jeans with a pattern, a jacket of dark colour, white half boots with dark stains.

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