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Winter sales in Italy have begun to Sicily, and will end in the Alpes

About winter sales in Spain read here.  

In many cities of Italy winter sales have officially begun on January, 2nd, 2011. The first use discounts tourists who have arrived on New Year`s vacation to Calabria, Campaign, Bazilikatu and to Sicily could. In region Friuli - Venice - Julia sejl started on January, 3rd.  

In Milan and Rome where there go fans of the shopping more often, the first day of sales - on January, 6th, 2011. As well as in the majority of regions of Italy: Lombardy, Laguria, Latium, Piedmont, Tuscany, Emilii - Romagna, Abrutstso, Apulia, Umbrii, Veneto.

Thus in Latium including in Rome, the sale will end before all - on February, 16th. And in other provinces to save on purchases it is possible till the end of February - the beginnings of March.  

To Sardinia it is necessary to wait for favourable shopping till January, 8th. However, now much more having a rest not on Mediterranean sea, and in the Italian Alpes. In the field of Val d ` sales will begin Aosta where many mounting skiing resorts are located, on January, 10th and will proceed till March, 31st, 2011. Practically till the end of a snow season!