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Electric trains will go less often

- the Volume of passenger traffic has considerably decreased. In the majority of the cancelled trains there go some tens persons. They are unprofitable, - have explained in management of the Moscow railway.

What electric trains have cancelled?

the Kursk direction - is deduced from the schedule one day train. The Belarus direction - is deduced six trains (2 morning and 4 evening); the Riga direction - two morning trains, to two trains (in the morning and in the afternoon) are truncated routes; the Paveletsky direction - four trains is deduced (1 morning, 1 day, 2 evening); the Kiev direction - is cancelled five day trains; the Kazan direction - 12 trains (3 morning, 6 day, 3 evening); the Savelovsky direction - 4 trains (2 morning and 2 evening).

- Trains are cancelled before coming into force of the new summer schedule which will start to operate since May, 30th, 2010, - have assured in MZHD.


8(495) 266 - 01 - 53 - the Hot line MZHD concerning service of passengers of electric trains. Having called, you can find out, which electric trains are cancelled, and to learn the schedule of operating electric trains.