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For that the militiaman on Lexus goes, it is impossible to punish it


- Alexander Ivanovich, here has ended loud process over the major - with murderer Denis Evsjukovym. Lifelong it a distance, but after all still had a great lot of riddles. For example, it is curious, as such psychopath has got to an armchair of chief OVD Tsarina`s ? It is no secret that posts in militia at times even are bought for money...

- I while did not face such phenomena for 4 months of work. But hearings about purchase of posts went. However, while only hearings - concrete affairs are not present. As to Evsjukova I do not know a question on its purpose authentically. I can tell only that it was appointed on quite lawful bases. And that there happens further... Well who knows...

- you know, at me, and not only at me, there was an impression that in militia corruption - system. You scratch my back and I`ll scratch yours, and from here and evsjukovy undertake...

- it is A lot of about our system it is decided, I to you will tell. Say that there are whole corruption chains much, we start to check this information, and chains break on the first link. On those employees who take bribes...

- And if there is no the corruption erected in system in militia you could define what painful points for yourselves?

- Yes at all of us - a scourge of law enforcement bodies. Both corruption, and the GAI officers hiding in bushes, and rudeness of some militiamen. It is a lot of to us arrives complaints, but I want to underline especially that not all they prove to be true.

- Justify the colleagues, it turns out?

- Yes is not present, not in it business. Now in the country publicity, militia became opened for a society. Here therefore people also complain apropos and without cause too. Sometimes happens - the employee of traffic police has stopped the citizen on tonirovannoj to a foreign car, and that to us calls at once. And after all depeesnik anything illegal also did not think to do, has simply stopped on the lawful bases...

- Well agree, complain not only of such cases. A militian arbitrariness already even to journalists has filled a soreness of the mouth: every day in the Ministry of Internal Affairs something, yes happens. That rapes, murders, robberies...

- Yes, of course, there are also problems, and at us in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow too many complaints prove to be true. Here, for example, we have more recently released illegally detained persons for so-called podbrosy - when to receive a stick the militiaman puts in a pocket to the guilt-free person drugs or a cartridge.

- So it still the most innocent that our militiamen can get up!

- Everyone happens. Recently we have, let us assume, detained for a large bribe of the chief of an investigatory part of Zelenograd. And still it is a lot of complaints to the economic block of militia. This problem is connected first of all with presence of large infringements in this sphere from businessmen. Unfair police officers reveal them, but, instead of making criminals answerable, take from them bribes. And those with pleasure give them not to be convicted...

- And more often USB it is necessary to face what division of militia? With GAI officers, probably?

- Anything similar! At us for last year - an order of 10 thousand complaints, and from them the most part was, strangely enough, on employees patrol - sentry duty. The traffic police costs where - that on the third place by quantity of references to us. However, I would not began to consider so vulgarly by quantity of complaints to divisions. PPS - on a kind at citizens. And on OBEP, for example, there are not enough complaints. And all because people complain on OBEP when those absolutely nashkodili and too many money have requested...

USB does everything that police officers have not transformed the service into business.


- If we have started talking about OBEP. I could visit several months ago at them office. So I to you will tell, there such foreign cars not sickly are parked...

- I Understand, at what drive. We check such things. And too as - that have asked a question why such expensive cars stand near OBEP. Took colleagues from traffic police, have inspected. Stopped police officers who go by abrupt jeeps. Naturally, all in the civilian, all by proxy go, and anybody from them was not presented by the police officer. After that spot-check we have invited employees OBEP to ourselves, took from them explanations. All have told that the wife - the banker, mum - the millionaire, well and in such spirit... Here you there when were?

- In October.

- And if you now there go will not see expensive cars. They in court yard, probably, hide them now. And we continue to work, we prove that no rich wives and parents at these militiamen are present. But after all and it is not an occasion to more serious trial. That you on Lexus you go, it is impossible to punish. So the only thing that we in USB can, - attentively to look for these employees dissecting on abrupt foreign cars, and to try to catch them on any unearned incomes. Believe, it is uneasy, they too sparrows streljanye and bribes in hands cash do not take for a long time already.

- And can, all business in the small salary? The field investigator in OBEP here sits and investigates case about non-payment of taxes to millions roubles. And at it children of the house hungry...

- I think, no, not in it business. For one simple reason. Now at the police officer the salary plus - a minus of 20 thousand roubles. Well will make to it of 50 thousand roubles - the good salary, but he all the same will tell: yes me on gasoline at all does not suffice by that car by which I go. And both took, and will take... The worthy salary is, of course, necessary. Normal, fair militiamen should not think how to earn, at whom to borrow to a pay. They should open crimes. But if the employee dishonest, its and good salary does not force to think again.

- And I here do not believe that the management does not know that their subordinates take bribes and create an arbitrariness. Cannot be, that korruptsionery in epaulets worked alone.

- Unfortunately, many long years responsibility of heads for subordinates was not adequate. Now, at new heads in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, the situation began to change on the sly. There is enough chiefs of different level have already replaced. Someone have publicly dismissed, someone - without advertising too strongly. But the main thing that at us is accurate instructions from a management: to investigate all cases as is, despite of ranks and merits, and to recognise that for all actions of militiamen their head responds also.

Plus to that now goes active work in respect of staff education, the weight of employment, instructing is spent. And you know, at us already became less references of citizens in service 02 with complaints to police officers. And it is an objective indicator, after all to hide signals on the panel 02 it is impossible!

But, unfortunately, some police officers at all do not understand that now occurs. They consider as norm to take bribes, to offend and offend people. The whole generation has grown with this sensation and how it is all to break now?

- And whence at them this sensation undertook?

- it is unequivocal from a society. To us already mature people come, we with them here in militia do nothing. If you were yesterday decent, you and will be tomorrow decent. And if the young sergeant or the lieutenant comes and already in half a year of service to the stranger throws drugs and considers itself as the hero who has pursued the scheme... It after all not at us became such rascal, it has already come such to bodies.

And again - taki I want to underline: After all its heads in a course of that occurred. After all and they it sent it to patrol streets with installation without a stick do not come back . And here people see such militiamen, and there is an opinion on us in a society, and to militiamen give money instead of complaining of them in USB, in Office of Public Prosecutor. And they, in turn, begin to enjoy...

- Is after all also a problem of that bribes offer. We abuse bribe takers but why - that we justify bribers...

- Certainly! The employee of traffic police Here has stopped the car, the driver leaves and at once: it is guilty, guilty and faster money of vanities. And the inspector still even has not had time to be presented and, can, simply documents was going to check up. To it give money, well not nevertheless at us heroes - to it give, it and a beret.

to the FAIR MILITIAMAN EVEN the JOURNALIST is not terrible

- And here if the person has complained unreasonably of the militiaman, and then check will find out, what this complaint - wrongful, the person will be responsible?

- As a rule, does not bear.

- And if the complaint, to the contrary, lawful and it simply you could not collect proofs of illegal actions of the police officer?

- Happens also such. But if there are no proofs, except indications, we simply start to look after the police officer of whom have complained. After all if it the bribe taker, the criminal it will commit necessarily sooner or later a crime once again.

- And can, is simple provoke it, offer it false a bribe?

- We and such work spend. We spend preliminary work on the employee, and then on quite lawful bases we have the right to make operative experiments.

- Probably, therefore depeesniki recently so are afraid penalties without the report to write out. And suddenly it storublevku not the simple driver has put in a pocket, and your subordinate?

- I always so speak: to fair militiamen it nothing to be afraid. Let will put though the chamber, though a microphone though a dictophone, the journalist let will plant - all the same for the person who is not going to break anything.