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Hiddink nevertheless will go on the World championship?

Guus Hiddink still more recently named unethical variants at which it which have not left on the World championship from Russian national team, will go in the summer on mundial with any other command. However the Dutch has had time to change quickly the point of view, having declared one of these days that those words have been told on emotions.

Moreover, Guus has proved told by business. Hiddink Kis`s agent van Njuvenhojzen has confirmed that the Cat - d`ivuara carries on negotiations on an occasion of ward of the Dutch in a national team. And, seemingly, these negotiations had time to crown by success. Anyway, the Federation of football the Cat - d`ivuara has already dismissed former trainer Vahida Halilhodzhicha who, actually, and has deduced the command of Ivory coast on the World championship.

is a fantastic humiliation! - has declared Halilhodzhich. - I very many have offered for the sake of this command, and they so have managed with me. And the main thing, I do not understand, why!

On a broader scale Guus who tirelessly repeated before that for it is the most important to be the good person and to observe corporate ethics, looks now doubtfully enough. It would like and to go on the World championship, and money to earn, but position difficult. In - the first, at Hiddink till July, 1st the contract with RFS, in - the second still operates, he already has had time to conclude since August, 1st the contract with Federation of football of Turkey. Before for the sake of full payment of the mullions-strong salary he wanted to remain in Russia till the summer, now, to keep up with the Cat - d`ivuarom on the World championship, Guus is ready to break off the contract ahead of schedule. And it he names ethic behaviour?