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Chapter of a Petersburg Pension fund is involved in billion loss?

a year is investigated a sensational case about financial frauds of bank VEFK from which bills billion pension roubles (details - on) in due time was gone. By means of heads of regional branches PF speculators stole money of old men. Recently in this history new details have emerged and there were new characters. To one of them also became 53 - summer Natalia Grishkevich who supervised last nine years over Pension fund branch across Petersburg and Leningrad region.

- Grishkevich obosnovanno is suspected that during the period since December 2006 - go till March, 2009 in Petersburg it has received a bribe in the form of money and benefits of property character for the sum over 18 million roubles, - have informed in a press - service SKP of the Russian Federation.

For what such rather big gratitude could be given? All is simple. In spite of the fact that Pension fund means are forbidden for storing in commercial banks, money of the Petersburg branch easy turned in private bank VEFK already till December, 2008. Scrolling of this rather big finance has made for certain people huge profit in the form of percent. When have started to investigate these frauds, inspectors have come across loss of that pension billion roubles.

the Chairman of the board of the Pension fund of Russia Anton Drozdov has declared that this sensational case will not affect in any way payment of pensions in Petersburg and Leningrad region.