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That remains behind side scenes of national selection « the Eurovision - 2010 »

- the Most frank suit and an effective make-up at Oli Shooting galleries , - whispered spectators of National selection and on - female compared the kompletsiju to forms of the singer. Those who more thickly enviously kept mum, those who is more thin - venomously noticed: “ Anything especial “...   But that a suit Shooting galleries to spectators   it was remembered is the fact. And the fact obvious.  

Olja with pleasure posed for photographers behind side scenes. a photo gallery look HERE
the Photo: Sergey SEDLETSKY

the Bright blonde with nebesno - blue mejk - apom, sung a song “ Run away “   in the company with Sun Stroke Project, with pleasure posed on dress rehearsal for our correspondent. It radiated confidence:

- We have tried to pass the spectator our energy and, I think, it at us has turned out .

the Intuition has not deceived Olju, and the singer has entered into the ending.

we Will remind, in these days off semifinal concerts of national selection on " have taken place; the Eurovision - 2010 “. Organizers have tried to make show as much as possible television: a scene, the professional sound, qualitatively exposed light, grin - rum, two leaders on a scene, dialogue with already acted executors... Well, directly present... “ Moldovidenie “! So have christened competition in a lobby.

*       *           *

- Oh, children, while   has pasted on itself these spangles two hours has killed, - Christie Ruzh with pastes round eyes   has rushed to kiss with   the winner Moldavian “ Factories of stars “   Alexander Manchu,   with which it divided a make-up room.   that hastily pulled trousers and reeled up a checkered scarf in which it together with the podtantsovkoj acted then on a scene on a neck.

- Who thy most important competitor? - We have asked Sashi.

-   All are good, - phrases on duty he responded, - , of course, very much it would be desirable to go to Oslo. That will be - we will look.

Cheerful Christie Ruzh many men that evening has endowed with a kiss. On a photo - Pasha Parfeny.
the Photo: Darya ZIMBELSKY

Destiny of the executor which will represent our country on   prestigious musical competition in Oslo, will solve results televotinga and the jury estimations, consisting of actors, composers and the representative of the official partner of competition “ O melodie pentru Europa “ - the companies “ Orange “. On semi-finals behind a judicial little table we have seen composer Liviu Shtirbu, the musician Yana Rajburga, producer Vlad Kostandoja, publisher Sergey Gavrilitse, the representative - “ Orange “ Victoria Mustjatse. At a final concert the jury structure will change.

*       *         *  

the Favourite the Internet - publics, the security guard from Ungen Paul of Turku divided a make-up room with one more graduate Moldavian “ Factories of stars “ - Gloria. It avoided the girl, as however, and it it. While the Pasha was apparelled in the smart black suit, and it podtantsovka - in the dress of the ballerina (it is visible, have remembered Bilan and have thought that the ballerina is a counter), Gloria sat on a stool in a corridor.

the Pasha of Turku with the assistant and a saxophone. The assistant during performance has stepped on the stage, has kept a saxophone in hands, has played nothing and has left.
a photo: Darya ZIMBELSKY

While the Pasha put on, the neigbour in a make-up room Gloria (on the right) together with the bek - the vocalist sat on chairs in a corridor.
a photo: Darya ZIMBELSKY

- Mine SMS - ka will solve nothing , - it rejected thought that for itself it is possible to send 100 SMS and thus to reach the final. - I want, that all was fair .

But the Pasha understood that voting is its fad. Certainly, he counted on fans, but the mobile phone   strong compressed a hand in a jacket pocket.  

- I Will send for the song too   SMS - ku. It is not a pity to me, -   it has got from the second pocket a bottle with   mineral water and   has drunk a water drink.  

*     *       *  

Has expressed desire to send for itself SMS and Pasha Parfeny.

- And how much is one? - He asked konkursantov, - I have not recharged yet, it is necessary to make quickly it to send a couple.

invalids have been involved In number of Pasha Parfenija - koljasochniki.

- We wanted to show life what it is, - the Pasha admitted, - and are very grateful to children who have agreed to act with us.

Number of Paul of Turku on a semi-final
1 Semi-final of national selection on “ the Eurovision “: as it was
“ the Eurovision “ - that was on the second semi-final

*       *         *  

In the ending which will take place on March, 6th, 14 executors - on 7 from each semi-final have entered. So, here they - names of lucky beggars:

Dojnitsa Herman - Meloterapia

Sun Stroke Project & Olja the Shooting gallery - Run away

Dima - Manipulate

Euzhen Dojban - Love, sweet love

Carolina Gorun - Addicted

Millenium - Before you go

Project Monkey Mind & Daniela - Smile

Valery Tarasova - See you soon

the Pasha - Zou should like

Paul of Turku - Imn Eurovision

Boris Koval - No Name

Dzhiku Chimbir - Cine sunt eu

Christina Kroitoru - My heart

Alexander Manchu - R ă m â i l â ng ă mine

Even president Obama has a vest from Pashas of Turku

you have cheerful pictures? Send on the electronic address - daria@Ρμξςπθ the PHOTO GALLERY
the Photo: facebook


1. To Oslo there will go Olja of the Shooting gallery: she participated many years in selections and its turn has come to represent Moldova on “ the Eurovision “: the girl is good itself, not bad sings and was harmoniously entered in Sun Stroke Project command.  

2. Pasha Parfeny will win: the voice is very similar to Bilan, in addition and number very touching with invalids, touches that is called for live.

3. Practically there are no chances at the Pasha of Turku, and he is guilty: on a scene it is necessary to be the showman, instead of to walk easy. Though spectators also love it, but is exclusive for rollers the Internet where he funny hops. A song without it koronnyh dancings   looks not so effectively.

4.   the hard-fought battle will be developed between   group “ the Millennium “ Boris Kovalem and Sashej Manchu.

dear spectators! Voice: who will our sight go to Oslo?  

the Official partner of Moldova on “ the Eurovision - 2010 “ the company - “ Orange “.

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