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36 thousand euro for a scratch

it would Seem, obligatory insurance of a civil liability should relieve motorists of dashing autosetups 90 - h. Indeed, after introduction OSAGO gangsters on highways have grown quiet. But for a short while. Not so long ago they have again appeared on roads. Their business became more refined.

One of these days to us to edition there has arrived Vladimir Kretinin. By the car it hardly was has not got into a paw of swindlers. Here its history.

- I needed to arrive to seven mornings for work. And about half seventh I went from metro station JUgo - Western aside Vernadsky`s Prospectus . The city still sleeps, the road is free. It was necessary for me   to be reconstructed on road - the doubler. I include povorotnik, I see - any car goes, but is far enough. I turn and hear   not understood sound, as from blow. Me goes round black Mercedes - 600 . There is a driver, opens a luggage carrier, gets a rag, wipes a wing and speaks: here there was a blow. And I look   on the car - anything is not present.  

the person in a camouflage Here runs up:

- As you could stop here? There is a special equipment column to clean snow!

- But at us road accident...

- I know Nothing, if do not want to leave, I call the wrecker.

Waves a hand, the wrecker standing nearby is got, joins flashing majachok. I understand, what not the most pleasant pleasure with the wrecker to understand... The driver Mercedes suggests to drive off and continue on 50 metres conversation. I not so worry - at me - that scratches! We drive off. Mercedes goes so that I cannot see its number in any way.  

we Stop. The car leaves the man of years of forty, very well dressed, irreproachably polite. Also speaks: Understand, I have bought the car 10 days ago, OSAGO have issued, and here KASKO still was not present. Asks, that I have called in the insurance company and have consulted. I automatically dial number. But there and then I ring off: concerning it KASKO I can receive what consultation at the insurers? But does not pass also seconds, the call on my phone is distributed:

- Vladimir, is your insurance agent Zhuravlyov. You called?

- Is not present...

- Called! At us the call is fixed! At you there road accident? I call GAI and the insurance commissioner!

Calls - well! We with the owner Mercedes have sat down to me in the car. Almost there and then still a call:

- Captain Chujchenko, GAI such - that...   To you the car has left. Where you are?

- There - that!

- And, it is a federal line... Now we will look at the video record chamber. Yes, I see, silvery Infiniti cuts black Mercedes ... Here to speak there is nothing - your fault.

After a pause:

- And why I you do not see? You have disappeared from a road accident place? Well then all! Three years of deprivation of the rights.

Also began to tell terrifying stories... Conversation is entered by the owner Mercedes :

- the Captain, is Serov! You should make all from the point of view of the law faultlessly! - and with threat: - you have understood me? Aha, its car will put on shtrafstojanku. There will be a judgement, it will be sold also to me a damage will compensate? Then it is good!

And further lets know that it is the car of any superconfidential division of the Sovereign court. There is I the car, and Mercedes on a broader scale is not present!    

- you nearly have not broken to us spetszadanie! - its owner speaks. - the driver has gone on a point! Here nearby.

it is valid, we turn off on Maria Uljanovoj`s street. In a court yard there is a car. We change in it. It dials number:

- Jeanne, connect me with spetstsentrom... He/she is your VIP - client Serov. Yes, by proxy the ministries.... He is Edward? Estimate damages! I include a public address system that the second party too heard...

He lists - a pier, a scratch in half match a box, the headlight jingles. Here mythical Edward is interested:

- And what shows your computer?

Serov Names any figures.

- So I also thought. At you special equipment options are brought down. Are hurt osfillografy and aerials. That them anew to adjust, we should disassemble, collect and test the car in tundra and wilderness...

I have already understood that became the participant of performance. But how to me to get out? Two muzhiks against me one. They name the sum - 36 thousand euro. It is necessary to agree quickly - they leave on spetszadanie. I am interested:

- Where to see the estimate on a paper?

- And who will start up you? It spetstsentr FSB!

Also press - give money. I pretend that I agree, change in the car and I ask, that they have gone for me on a crossroads where was road accident, - the GAI officer - that after all should approach. And there and then I take off on the prospectus. Fortunately, they for me have not gone.

I Call in GAI:

- There was a call on such - that to the address?

- Is not present!

I Call in the insurance:

- Who such Zhuravlyov?

- There is no at us such employee.

I have called GAI. Has waited.   wanted to declare that nearly did not become a victim of swindlers, and to bring to that court yard on Maria Uljanovoj. And the GAI officer to me:

- Swindle is not to us. It it is necessary to write you in regional department of militia the statement...


One have already planted

This history has occurred already after employees of Moscow criminal investigation department have detained a gang avtopodstavshchikov into which 13 persons entered. According to field investigators, the grouping worked in capital about half a year. At swindlers was four cars: sports Volkswagens Golf and Mazda both representation BMWs and Lexus. To a victim, as a rule, to the owner of expensive car, the sports car was behind attached and urged to be reconstructed in other number. When the motorist began maneuver, it was cut with other foreign car. For imitation of a sound of collision in the car of a victim threw gruzik, used for balancing of wheels.

While the victim talked to the driver, one of swindlers an emery paper put on the car traces collisions .

Gangsters were represented by employees spetsgarazha protection or Office of Public Prosecutor Federal Agency, showed counterfeit crusts. Said that their car is filled by expensive technics which has suffered from - for road accident. People gave any money if only not to communicate with special services. One of victims has paid to swindlers of 240 thousand dollars!

But, probably, in Moscow one brigade podstavshchikov on " operates not; spetstransporte .


What to do that from collision with podstavshchikami to come out the winner?

1. Under no circumstances not to leave from an event place.

2. To try to find witnesses of incident. To write down numbers of driving cars. To ask the help for pedestrians.

3. Independently to call militia. Remember: number of a call of special services from a mobile phone (irrespective of the fact which at you the operator) - 112.

4. If conversation is heated, to conduct conversation only from the car, having blocked doors. And it is better on a broader scale any negotiations before arrival of the representative of the power not to enter.