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Complex diagnostics - pledge of successful treatment

With the termination of reconstruction and commissioning this year branches of laboratory diagnostics BUZOO Clinical kozhno - a venereologic clinic complex research on any infection for omichej and inhabitants of the Omsk region became business simple and accessible.

Microbiology of tomorrow

Methods of laboratory diagnostics have during the last years stepped far forward. Still about ten years ago microbiologists had to make own hands cultures of activators of infections. For this purpose even existed vivary with porpoises and rabbits who helped laboratory doctors with reception of the most necessary activators of infections. Here with these is that the received own hands pure cultures of activators and laboratory researches of a material were made. Today in a laboratory arsenal modern the test - systems which allow to receive the most exact and authentic results.

head physician BUZOO tells About modern methods of diagnostics Clinical kozhno - a venereologic clinic the candidate of medical sciences, the senior lecturer of stand dermatovenerologii OmGMA, main dermatovenerolog the Omsk region Yury Aleksandrovich Novikov:

Main dermatovenerolog the Omsk region Yury Aleksandrovich Novikov

- Kozhno - venereologic diseases are various and often are difficult in diagnostics and treatment. To diagnose and cure illness - a problem uneasy, one desire here it is not enough and not to manage without the complex approach. Happens, the person was ill for a long time, but it does not have any obvious symptoms. Illness nevertheless continues to progress. To find out the latent illness it is possible only by means of the advanced methods of means of laboratory diagnostics which we have today to the full. Everything that in world practice is available modern from the point of view of the equipment, is today at us in a clinic. The best for today devices are calculated on detection of the activator of disease at level of its DNA!

Opening of branch of laboratory diagnostics of a microbiological profile   Has allowed us to master all existing methods of diagnostics of infectious diseases. Capacity of laboratory allows to provide if necessary requirements of a city and area for various researches - such as bacteriological crops, luminescent microscopy, immunofermentnyj the analysis, polimeraznaja chain reaction (PTSR).

Molekuljarno - the genetic method allows to give out within several hours 100 % - but authentic result about presence in a biomaterial of the activator of an infection, including hepatitises, the infections passed by a sexual way.

Introduction gematologicheskogo the analyzer allows to receive within two days result about presence at the patient of a sepsis of the bacterial or fungoid nature.
in the opened branch all complex serologicheskih reactions on diagnostics of various forms of a syphilis, including the confirming test of VesternBlot is spent also.

Culture of the analysis

Cleanliness and sterility in laboratory business basic. Cleaning and disinfection process is continuous.

In the reconstructed building there are unique systems of ventilation, water distillation. The laboratory is equipped by a modern refrigerating machinery. Is boksy so sterile what enter into them for work with observance of the strict rules of infectious security some employees from among professionals can only.

- In our branch forty two employees today work, - the bacteriologist of the highest category Svetlana Nikolaevna Blok speaks managing branch of laboratory diagnostics of a microbiological profile. - we are engaged in carrying out of analyses of a various biological material of the person is separated genitals, including the sperm, separated nasopharynxes, an eye, ears, a material from a skin, nails, blood, whey, plasma. Direct the patient on research any doctor can. We can investigate a biological material all existing methods, to reveal activators of almost all infectious diseases. If to talk about the infections, passed sexual a way that is our direct profile the given laboratory today - a unique place where it is possible to spend all complex of all reactions and researches on syphilis diagnostics.

But only one technics, even the cleverest, is useless in our trade. The exact result will not be without those who with this equipment works. Our doctors and laboratorians have extensive and high-grade practice, constantly perfect the knowledge and skills. However, in our business differently it is impossible! Experts of laboratory are people special: meticulous and caustic, pedantic and accurate for which really there are no trifles! In work it is not supposed any amateur performance. It is necessary to operate precisely under regulations that nothing to miss. A high professional scent and the quivering relation to the business -   credo of our collective.

not to give an infection of any chance!

- Today researches of the most different activators are conducted in our laboratory. We make a full complex of researches on a syphilis, a gonorrhoea, a clamidiosis, a mycoplasmosis, an ureaplasmosis and other sexual infections. We diagnose these infections for pregnant women. Here we conduct researches on krasnuhu, parasitic diseases, tsitomegalovirusnuju an infection.

At us it is possible to conduct researches of microflora of intestines on disbioz both at adults, and at children. We diagnose disbioz vaginas. There is in our branch and mikologicheskaja a laboratory where the material on activators of deep and superficial mycoses is investigated. In a clinic carries out reception unique clinical mikolog in our region - the doctor of higher category, managing mikologicheskim branch Irina Jurevna Lekavichus. To register to clinical mikologu it is possible by phone (3812 36 - 32 - 92, dob. 2 - 35.   In a word, we are ready to conduct today any researches necessary for statement of the right diagnosis.

it is necessary to notice that the part of our researches is spent within the limits of the budget and obligatory medical insurance, especially for the patients who are on hospitalisation of our establishment. Frequently people do not know about   It also give the considerable sums of private clinics and laboratories, not always reaching result.

Having converted into any of polyclinic branches BUZOO Clinical kozhno - a venereologic clinic or in the main case that in the street 5 - I the Line, you can conduct complex research of any infections. Now it is not necessary to go on different laboratories, making tests and collecting necessary results of researches. Employees of a clinic take any biological material and deliver in branch of laboratory diagnostics.

Since March, 1st of this year the fence of analyses will be made and is direct in the branch of laboratory diagnostics. For these purposes offices on selection of blood and an other biological material there are equipped.

All toolkit for a fence - disposable, and procedure of a capture of dab that is very important, is absolutely painless now!

That is necessary for the reference?

Without dependence from residing at a city or area any person who has shown   the passport, the insurance policy, has the right to be converted for inspection into any polyclinic branch of a clinic and diagnostics branch. Exceptions make persons who are converted behind treatment anonymously.

do not delay research - do not allow an infection to defeat you!

BUZOO Clinical kozhno - a venereologic clinic

- all infections, sexually transmitted;
- mycoses (a smooth skin, feet and nails);
- fiziolechenie.

Removal of papillomas, warts, natoptyshej.

the Address: street 5 - I the Line, 117, bodies. (3812 36 - 36 - 84
http:// www. omsk - okvd. ru/

Addresses of polyclinic branches (ON):
ON 2 4 streets Cheljuskintsev, 94, bodies.: (3812 78 - 49 - 50, 78 - 47 - 87 (registry);
ON 3 4 pr - t Space, 55, bodies. (3812 53 - 73 - 17 (registry);
ON 4 4 streets Station, 28, bodies. (3812 41 - 43 - 10 (registry);
ON 5 4 streets Dianova, 7, bodies. (3812 73 - 03 - 79 (registry);
ON 6 4 streets Energetikov, 5, bodies. (3812 67 - 06 - 91 (registry).

Branch of laboratory diagnostics
the Address: street 24 - I Northern, 115, bodies. (3812 68 - 20 - 30.