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Syktyvkartsy prefer to ambitious persians of tender British

If someone thinks that on March, 1st is only the first day of spring, that knows not all. Today all cat`s “ the public “ celebrates the World day of cats, these soft purring creations, fallen in love to the person, according to scientists, still 12 million years ago.

it would be quite good to know: it is considered that our modern murlyki have occurred from miatsidov. They are such small animals who lived during immemorial times for trees. Perhaps therefore our house pupils wish to climb once again on the highest birch, whence they frequently should be turned out by means of rescuers.

it is clear that to the majority not indifferent to dumb animals and it is not important, a thoroughbred small animal at it or idle time “ a nobleman “. The main thing - the most tender, favourite and beautiful.

Though many fans of the cat`s give particular attention to breed. Syktyvkartsy - not an exception. As has told “ the veterinary surgeon and the factory owner of dogs and cats Tatyana Rasputina, now is especially favourite by townspeople the British short-haired cat, and here persians so popular in 90 - h, any more so are well-known.

- People began to pay attention more and more to character of an animal, - Tatyana speaks. - and at thoroughbred cats it is usually predicted. For example, British are very sociable, good-natured and clean. And here the second for popularity and, by the way, relatives of British - Scottish lop-eared - less “ are sociable “ also will never climb to the owner on hands. Persians also have at all ceased to hold a palm - from - for ambitious customs.

By words zavodchitsy, in Syktyvkar there are also rare breeds of the cat`s: American curls (they are such cats with curled ears) and Burmans. And in secret Tatyana has shared with us that is going to bring to a city new in syktyvkare orientalnuju breed.

Some researchers confirm: people who have pets, live longer and are less subject to stresses and heart attacks. So it will be unimportant what yours murka if you have decided it to get. And if you already happy owner of a tender small animal, do not forget to express today to it the congratulation in the form of something tasty.


the Interesting facts about cats (the information from a site www. ρatpro. ru)

- drawing of a surface of a nose of a cat is unique, as a fingerprint at the person.

- Moustaches help a cat to define, a leah will climb through it in an aperture.

- the Giraffe, the Camel and the Cat are unique animals - amblers, at walking they have at first left feet, and then the right.

- One steam of cats and their descendants for 7 years can make 420 000 kittens.

- Cats purr with frequency of the diesel engine idling - 26 hertz. Also do it not only from pleasure, but also expressing a pain or fear.

- Cats - the laziest mammals. They sleep 16 hours per day and when do not sleep, of 30 % of time look after themselves.

- every year Americans spend four billion dollars for food for cats. It - on one billion dollars is more than, they spend for food for chest children.

(the information from a site www. ρatpro. ru)