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Businessmen of Angarski Krai are not able to protect themselves

Commodity producers of Angarski Krai even more often face unfair competition displays. Representatives of Irkutsk Management of federal antimonopoly service, Legislative Assembly of area and heads of the large enterprises of region have discussed these questions on a round table which has passed in . Copying of a corporate style, the name, a slogan or design of packing - the basic infringements which should face Irkutsk businessmen.

- In the last some years the unfair competition question in the Irkutsk region costs sharply, - has noted the head of Irkutsk Management FAS of Russia of Valentine Zamorina. - Abuse the market force frequently very large enterprises can only. The market at us rises, and managing subjects every year more and more. Desire to get advantage for another`s bill when it becomes deliberately or neumyshlenno, on ignorance, making use of already stored experience of other managing subjects, just leads to the unfair competition facts.

Irkutsk businessmen want to struggle with competitors, however as it to make, they yet do not represent. Including those who already had to suffer losses.
- our businessmen have not learnt to protect yet themselves, - continues Valentine Zamorina. - Therefore we protect our manufacturers, we understand a problem together, we learn, as to solve unfair competition questions that in the future when there will be such problems, the commodity producer did not incur losses, and protected myself.

Participants of a round table have given an example. Last year one of firms of Irkutsk has learnt that in Kazakhstan make the goods with a label exactly - in - exactly, as in Angarski Krai: the name, design and fonts. According to experts Antimonapolnoj of service, such businessmen simply skim the cream off they do not need to be spent for working out of advertising shape, they take already ready product.

- If these goods were delivered on the Russian market it would be necessary to understand, up to closing of unfair firm - the competitor, - experts FAS of Irkutsk speak. - but time they let out it only at home actually competitors they are not also copying persons remains on their conscience.
all participants of a round table have come to a conclusion what to struggle with dishonest competitors it is possible only together, punishing infringers.