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Where to inhabitants of Irkutsk to complain, if snow from a roof has fallen to the car

One of these days I has put the car under apartment house windows in a court yard when has arrived on a visit. In some hours left and has found out that the big icicle has fallen to the car from a roof. Now on a luggage carrier a dent. I then have become puzzled and was not converted anywhere with the complaint. But if suddenly the situation repeats where to complain?
Elena, street Sverdlova.

- First of all it is necessary to find witnesses of incident and to take from them phone numbers. It is necessary to fix also a place of state of emergency, to remove all on a videocamera or the camera. With collected given to be converted with the statement of claim about court. He in turn will establish guilty and the decision on compensation of material harm will make, - have told in department of propagation OGIDD the Department of Internal Affairs across Irkutsk.

How to restore the lost documents

I was born in Chita, now I live in Irkutsk, but the local residence permit at me is not present. Has some days ago lost the passport, the identity card and the certificate on statement on the account in tax inspection - an INN. A leah it is possible to restore all these documents in Irkutsk?

- the Identity card and an INN can be restored only in a residence permit place, that is in Chita. As to the passport in Irkutsk to you will give out only the time identification card. For this purpose it is necessary to be converted into migratory service to the address: the city of Irkutsk, street Krasnoarmejsky, 3, bodies. (3952 21 - 61 - 34. The document will give out in two months, but too in a residence permit place, - have explained in UFMS Russia across the Irkutsk region. A leah

It is possible to return broken phone

In December of last year has bought a cellular telephone for 5500 roubles. In two weeks phone has broken. As the guarantee has not ended, I have returned it in shop. It was necessary to wait some days for results of examination. It was found out that breakage has occurred not through my fault, there was a factory marriage. To me have in exchange given other phone, but also it has broken. Now again examine. The credit for phone I regularly cry, but I already do not have trust to this chain store system. A leah it is possible to terminate the contract with firm?
Olesya Efremenko, Irkutsk.

- According to point 1 law of the Russian Federation About protection of the rights of consumers the seller is obliged to compensate to the buyer all expenses connected with acquisition of the poor-quality goods, - the chief of department on protection of the rights of consumers of administration of Irkutsk Victor Nizovtsev has told. - you can safely terminate the contract with shop and demand, that to you have returned all spent money, including percent on the credit. If the seller appears unfair - will refuse to you it or compensates only a part of expenses, be converted into court.

Why in polyclinic 2 doctors accept only on record

Many years is attached to polyclinic 2. Earlier to the therapist and narrow experts people could register by phone or simply come on reception and occupy turn. Now have entered a new rule: to any doctor it is necessary to register on a special leaf which give out in registry. Sometimes all time of experts is painted for some days forward. Recently in laboratory on a broader scale has come up against such situation: has come to make the test without making an appointment, but me have not accepted, because is not present in lists. Workers of laboratory were free. Explain, why have entered such practice?
Gennady Vasilevich, Irkutsk.

- The matter is that corrected in advance to register in an appointment exists in our polyclinic for a long time, it is convenient for many patients, - the head physician of polyclinic has explained 2 Irkutsk Andrey Dobrynin. - In any day it is possible to come on reception to the therapist who will direct you to the narrow expert if for this purpose there are indications. Probably, turn to the oculist or, for example, the neuropathologist should wait some days. But at sharp indications any narrow expert will accept you this very day. Thus you on - former can register in reception in advance, having called by in registry to phone: (3952 342 - 342. Do not forget and that at feeling sick you can call the doctor on the house in any day in working hours, except Sunday. It is necessary to be converted into the rest of the time in fast on 03.

the Laboratory in our hospital works with 8. 00 to 10. 00 without making an appointment also accepts all patients in a direction of the doctor. With any concrete complaint patients can be converted to me personally.