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To talent - on a brilliant!

the hero anniversary Sparks there was Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, whose products were read to writing fraternity by Igor Vernik. Triumphers and owners of the prize inlaid with a brilliant of the company Alrosa this year steels: our Dmitry Steshin ( !) - the author of the best reporting, Alexander Jaroshenko from the Russian newspaper - the author of the best interview, the editor-in-chief the Independent newspaper Konstantin Remchukov - the author of the best analytical article. In a nomination the feuilleton on to the Spark two journalists - Olga Andreeva (" have received at once; the Russian reporter ) and Doronin`s Lily (the newspaper Obsky nov village Krutiha of Altay territory). The best sketch, according to jury, Marina Alekseeva (" has written; the Petersburg diary ) The review - Alexander Mehanik from the Expert . The best journalistic investigation has been published in News its author - Alexander Andrjuhin, and Ekaterina Kaluginoj`s publication from " became the most scandalous; the Moscow member of the Komsomol . The winner of a nomination design there was Andrey Dorofeyev ( Arguments and the facts ). About sports is better have written Results (Anastas Reznichenko and Denis Ryabtsev), also the most successful debutant in the same place has acted. Artem Nikitin became them.

the Special diploma of the award was received by the press photographer of RIA News Andrey Stenin.

as ceremony Partners have acted: Phillip Morris Sejlz end Marketing AFK System the company Amvej the company Ladoga .

congratulates all colleagues!