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Kirkorov prepares for wedding

One of these days the presentation of the first duetnoj Julia`s MIHALCHIK song and Evgenie ANEGINA " has taken place; About love . To congratulate an enamoured couple Alexey MITROFANOV, Elena ISHCHEEVA, Cornelius of the MANGO, Alexey CHUMAKOV, Irina ORTMAN, Cyrils ANDREYS, Prochorus SHALYAPIN, Olga BUZOVA have come.

Phillip Kirkorov should become the Most expected visitor of presentation, but it has the day before left on tour for Kiev.


the priest - the king   has given two years ago a vacation package in   Life to young singer Evgenie Aneginu - from an imperial shoulder has presented to it a song from the repertoire the Sky and the earth . Evgenie Phillip`s execution remained it is happy, and the song has strongly entered in   repertoire of the beginning singer. By the way, has brought this hit to it not only joyful, but also anxious moments.

in particular, unknown malefactors began to enclose regularly under a door of Anegina of a note with threats to set fire to apartment if that urgently does not cease to execute the given product. It were fanatki Kirkorov, doing not wish to be reconciled by that songs of their substitute someone executes another. However with Phillip Evgenie`s encouragement was not afraid, has born blow, and has not deleted from the repertoire a treasured song.

Anegin Communicates with Shulgin

Soon has got acquainted with singer Julia Mihalchik. The singer at that point in time endured a love drama - its wedding with eks - the husband Valerii Alexander Shulgin,   was upset; it has moved down from its apartment where they have lived some happy months.   Evgenie has managed to become those who has returned Julju to life - it began to smile, go again on parties. And soon young men have understood that are madly enamoured each other. They have moved to one apartment, and even have got a cat, which nurture together. But sang, naturally, separately. Until composer Alexander Lunev has not written specially for them   a duet which and named - About love .


- We are happy that have found each other, - Julja and Eugene shine, - Already seriously we think of wedding. Whom we will call witnesses? From party Juli -   intimate girl-friend Irina Ortman. Well, and from the groom, of course, Phillip Kirkorov!

- By the way, I want to open to you a small secret, - Julja admitted, - on wedding I intend to call and Alexander Shulgin. Yes - yes, at us now with it good relations, it was on mine 25 - summer anniversary, and even is going to write again to me to an ode. I do not believe that Valery`s its former wife wrote about it that it ostensibly raised against it a hand. Personally it never a finger touched me. We have dispersed from it absolutely for other reasons, but all this time continued to remain friends It, as before, remains for me the trainer and very important person in my life. So you are waited ahead by many surprises about which all of you soon learn.


Cornelius of the MANGO with the friend, Prochorus SHALYAPIN (on the right)




Irina ORTMAN with husband Vladimir