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Has bought a garland, and it has collapsed!

in tent in our market before New year I have bought a garland. The seller on a place has checked up - all worked. Has brought home, began to get from a package, and conductings have departed from the switch, i.e. the plug has separated from a garland and remained in my hands. I bought a garland 31, till January, 6th the market does not work, checks do not give out now. What rights, how at the consumer at me is?

C respect, Hope

Anna Dobrjuha, the leader of a heading « the consumer Rights »:

- Hope, safely go on the market and it is quiet, without scandal, but convincing and confident tone inform the seller of a garland that « to you the goods of inadequate quality » have been sold; , and consequently you « demand a refund on the basis of item 18 of the Law of the Russian Federation « About protection of the rights of consumers ».

Also can specify that the cash voucher lack of distribution in your case is infringement as in Moscow authorities do not accept for today the statutory act, allowing to carry out similar trade without cash registers.

If the seller will refuse to you, be necessarily converted into administration of the market with the same arguments (see above) – frequently such scheme in the situations similar to yours, works and allows to defend the « consumer » the rights with the least expenses of time and nerves.

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