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Dmitry Medvedev proinspektiroval the Olympic objects in Sochi

the Meeting with Dmitry Medvedev`s participation in Sochi has begun with the remark of the head of the state: Has tried to drive on skis - did not leave! Snow are not present! And, really, during visit of the president of Russia to Sochi on the Red glade there is a warm weather: +7. It is solar on - autumn.

At meeting which was spent in recently open complex the Rose farm were present: vitse - prime minister Dmitry Kozak, the governor of Kuban Alexander Tkachev, the minister of sports and tourism Vitaly Mutko, president GK Olimpstroj Tajmuraz Baloev, the mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pahomov and other officials.

The day before Dmitry Medvedev proinspektiroval some Olympic objects also has estimated scales of the constructed. In its opinion, preparation for the Olympic Games actually enters finishing stage . The head of the state has especially underlined that at realisation of this project it was necessary to give particular attention to its scale. not because the Olympic Games in Sochi are very big project, and not because at us difficult conditions. The project 2014 - is huge and on financing, volume of building and organizational work. . At the same time, the head of the state has paid attention to a situation which has developed with gasification of the Red glade.

- the Olympic project is obliged after its realisation to minister to local residents, and the problem with household gas cannot be more shelved, - Dmitry Medvedev has noticed. - this question is necessary for closing and in the near future! t - the president of Russia has concluded.

the Meeting with Dmitry Medvedev`s participation has passed in Sochi
the Photo: Sergey medvedenko

Speaking about rates of building of the Olympic objects, the head of the state has underlined that rates good, it is really visible that will be made .

- At the same time we need to solve the most different questions, including questions of maintenance with snow. Here the second winter as a matter of fact snowless in January. And though the Olympic Games are spent in other terms, we should make so that we had no problems which Vancouver last year " has faced; - Dmitry Medvedev has noted.

At meeting it has been underlined that about 85 percent of the means provided on realisation of the Olympic project, goes on creation of a modern infrastructure: social, transport, power. Special attention Yury Rejljan, the deputy minister of regional development of the Russian Federation, has converted on conversion or possible resettlement objects of the Olympic purpose, for the decision of ecological problems and tourism development.

- That does not remain white elephants after the Olympic Games - 2014, it is necessary to weigh carefully all pro and contra in destiny of everything that is constructed for games, - Yury Rejljan has told. - Differently can so to develop that some objects after the Olympic Games become here absolutely not claimed.

- the Most important about what we always speak, we should look at the Postolympic future. The Olympic Games, of course, - it is very important. It is the big sports feast, it is pleasure, but for us important, not less, and can be and more that here, in Sochi, there was a considerable quantity of new objects, objects for life, for rest. And that that high lath which will be reached at any cost during the Olympic Games, it, naturally, was saved for people who live in Krasnodar territory, for all who comes here to have a rest, - Dmitry Medvedev has underlined.

On the eve of meeting the president proinspektiroval some Olympic objects also has estimated scales constructed
the Photo: Sergey medvedenko