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Russian season in Courchevel opened Ace of Base and Timati

the Mountain-skiing village Courchevel in the French Alpes is exposed for a long time already to attacks of Russian millionaires. Every year from December till January society cream marks here opening of the Russian season.

Current January was opened grandiosely - « Snow ball » - Bal de la Neige. The Hero of the festivities – Andrey Fomin, all the known inventor summer   Bal des Fleurs in French riviera.

As Andrey in telephone conversation, seats on ball on 150 persons has told to us. And strangers do not start up – absolutely closed action.   doors for those who is ready to pay for a table of 10 thousand euro or 1600 c.u. for the person are opened.   as it has appeared, today on balls it is absolutely not accepted to dance – it is accepted to sit, enjoy any found « Mishlenovsky » food and to listen to vociferous executors. Visitors « Snow » ball in sense of bread humoured « SHabishu » - restaurant already with two stars of Mishlena. Eminent head cook Michel Roshedi and Stefan Bjuron rasstaralis as could. A salmon « on - parizhski » cold soup from lobsters, a cocktail from grapefruit with crabs and avocado.   in sense of shows the priest - group Ace of Base submitted.  

  business occurred in shopping centre « the Forum ». Also it has been dated for skating rink opening. That is, now Courchevel - paradise not only for skiers, but also for skaters, and for figure skaters!   it is possible for itself to present, as they there had supper. Tables have covered directly on a skating rink. On action have been noticed Yana Rudkovsky with Evgenie Pljushchenko, Lyudmila Narusova in a mink fur coat to a floor. Were there and other well-known people, but not about all while we will tell, intrigues for the sake of.    

at Night an informal part « Opening of Russian seasons » Has finished the well-known rap - singer Timati who has arrived to the main night club of Courchevel LesCaves‚ an environment statnyh beauties and friends. And there has executed the flashing, vigorous compositions. Champagne the river, at a bar counter – the notice. Courchevel, both in the afternoon, and hoots at night. Hardy mountain skiers after incendiary dances by morning of next day should gather on « the Cup of Millionaires ». Competitions on mountain skiing and a snowboard will pass on Slalomnom stadium of Courchevel.      

Some will ask: and where there were megastars of our beau monde?   Galkin with Baskovym where were? We will resolutely respond them: and for Galkin and Baskova in Courchevel wait tomorrow, on sixth of January. After all it is necessary to someone to continue Russian season! To begin - that everyone can, and here continue, not drop a banner of Russian season – it not is given everyone!