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Sickle and Hammer crossroads

First of all, we hurry to congratulate on an anniversary of inhabitants of street Vasara – on December, 19th to it 60 years were executed. On some delay it is congratulated also their neighbours from street Sirbi, 70 - which summer anniversary has happened slightly earlier – on October, 11th.

These small streets in the heart of Kopli on the plan form a sign V. As if a symbol viktorii workers and peasants over exploiters of the working people... And can, and it has been conceived during this period when this viktorija seemed definitive and irrevocable?

Have passed decade. Capitalism has again got the best. And too, as today it is represented, definitively and irrevocably. Therefore in the country everything reminding of the socialist period in the history of Estonia is scraped out practically, on an extreme measure, in the field of names. Except Sickle and Hammer streets?

In honour of elements of the arms of the USSR

As to us have told in city office, Sirbi and Vazara are historical names of streets in which there is no ideology, therefore to rename their plans was not.

it is valid, here if one street carried the Sickle and Hammer name, probably, not for long it would hold on after the system crash which symbol were these instruments of labour. And so like all is valid quite neutrally: what ideology in separately taken sickle and separately taken hammer? Usual tools. Besides names of other streets in this area – on the same subject: Seppa (Forge), Alasi (Nakovalnaja)...

Nevertheless in Alexander Kivi`s book « Tallinna t ä navad » (« the Tallinn streets ») It is clearly written that streets Sirbi and Vazara are named « in honour of elements of the arms of the USSR ».   If so the ideology all - taki took place. However, long time the Sickle remained without the Hammer: reunion of these symbols of the union of labour peasantry and working class has occurred on December, 19th, 1950 when on a map of Estonian capital there was a street Vasara – near to Sirbi existing by then of whole ten years.

This street and really reminds rural – it is built up by the same accurate small small houses on two - four families. All houses look decently, court yard are well-groomed. There live here mainly Estonians. Though one house as the local old resident has assured us, belongs to a certain Russian millionaire.

On Vasara there live basically Russian. This street is much more various on character of building. Though its extent of all - that some hundreds metres. We would allocate three groups of houses. Most rather new, in the end of street, – brick five-floor, there is no time constructed for workers of the former fishing collective farm « the Beacon » were nearby. In the street beginning – some buildings of so-called Stalin architecture. The very first, big four-storeyed house P - the figurative form, years costs all peeled. Unpleasantly at it to look. But two next houses of the same type, recently, obviously, repaired, simply please an eye. Means, it is possible to put the house in order if to want.

And, at last, the most problem group – two-storeyed houses with two entrances, built when - that, seemingly, quickly. Probably, sixty years ago in them life boiled, people celebrated house warming, celebrated weddings... But to all the term. Term of these buildings has expired for a long time.

However, some years ago houses of this type was more – six or seven. Now remains three. Gradually take down. Too gradually. As if someone would not like to leave historical shape of this street. And after all structures so shaky that, apparently, enough several good blows of a hammer   – and in the street Vasara are formed three heaps of stuff...

Meanwhile, all these three terrible houses – the inhabited. Let not completely occupied, but on some families in everyone live. Including one having many children.

On the person awful, kind inside

Strolling one of these days along the street - jubiljarshe, we reflected that   tenants of the arranged well five-floor houses and these poor two-storeyed live nearby with each other, in one street, but as though in the different worlds. The first more - are less safe in sense of the living conditions, the second – are unfortunate... On Sirbi of such awful contrasts is not present, there at all inhabitants, apparently, normal conditions. However, as it has appeared, not all so is obvious, as it seems...

Here into one of these terrible houses have entered the young man with a daughter of years of four. At an internal entrance door the man has tarried. Without having coped with the lock, he has called the wife: « Matrena, go down, please, again the door from this party does not open ». A minute later we have appeared on a visit at this family.

« On the person awful, kind inside » - these words from a known song were remembered, when we have estimated strikingness of contrast between external appearance of the house and a cosy flat where there live Matrena, her husband Oleg, their two children, and also a cat and a dog. Mum Matreny is registered also, but lives separately, too where - that here.

« We can leave from here though tomorrow, - has told Matrena. – In the street Raadiku in Lasnamjae full empty municipal apartments. The family of my friend has moved from here there. So at them last bill for 60 - metre apartment was 5700 crones. They save on everything, save money in the summer to pay in the winter... We such habitation cannot allow ourselves. I receive five thousand crones, the husband since September the unemployed. Besides, settling in municipal apartment, you conclude the contract according to which in the presence of a debt under the rent is obliged to release apartment with a city. On street will not expel, but can lodge near to any asotsialami, drunkards... No, it it is not necessary to us ».

For this habitation they pay one thousand crones, plus for an electricity. Heating oven. Fire wood, of course, expensive, recognised Matrena, but the considerable part gets free of charge – friends bring any wooden stuff. « so to live here, basically, it is possible » - the mistress has assured.

At all tenants of these three houses the same history – buy apartment cannot, pay for municipal not in a status. From here and a delay with a pulling down. Have taken down those houses which managed to be released from tenants.

Time inhabitants in fourth generation

Business not only in a material aspect. Here also deep spiritual communication with this street, with this house. Matrena after all in it was born. Here all life was lived by her mother, a vein and the grandmother, and the great-grandmother. « for them this habitation was time, - has noticed Matrena. – Here we here as though temporarily also live. My children, it turns out, already in fourth generation... »

The unexpected visit and inquiries we have involuntarily urged the mistress to go deep into memoirs to which, seemingly, she was not converted for a long time. « I as - that especially did not reflect on it, but you ask such questions... And I now have suddenly thought that our terrible in appearance the house – it after all my patrimonial nest, history of my family » - Matrena admitted.

However speak, here addicts suffice, we have noticed. At the next same house suspicious persons turn... « addicts are, - Matrena has agreed. – In pjatietazhke opposite the dealer lives – not that Sasha, not that Glory. At us at an entrance quite often gather. I do not want, that my children faced them, therefore politely I ask not to be late for a long time. While does without incidents. And where they are not present, addicts? In Lasnamjae, a leah that, is less? Perhaps and it is more ».

All the same this street remains for Matreny favourite street of the childhood. With sheds and kitchen gardens, with those « suspicious persons » which grew at it in the face of...

« I happen often at friends in Lasnamjae. I will look there at this stone jungle – also I want to return faster to myself in Kopli, on Vasara, my lovely street... 34 years, our house long will not stretch to me, and to leave from here, probably, sooner or later it is necessary, but to me it will not bring pleasure » - Matrena admitted, saying goodbye to us.  

Comprehending heard, we have continued walk along the street - jubiljarshe...

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