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WikiLeaks it is supported, and Assanzha we will condemn

About it their lawyer Klas Borgstryom has informed. The lawyer has underlined that women only try to achieve justice in business which concerns their private life.

According to Borgstryoma, women are afflicted by statements from party Assanzha and its lawyers that they operate on CIA pointer. « it (Assanzh) spreads false rumours. It is absolutely unjustified concerning these two women. They also support WikiLeaks. They support its work » - has added Borgstryom.

As already informed mass-media, on December, 6th Sweden has put Assanzha on the international wanted list, and next day he has been arrested in Great Britain. Founder WikiLeaks insists on the innocence. On December, 16th it has been released from - under guards on the security. After the publication of confidential American documents on WikiLeaks US authorities study possibility of a presentation to it of charges in espionage. According to Assanzha, its extradition in the USA « it is politically impossible ».