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Humanitarian porridge, or Estonia of which we dreamt

Until recently Food bank in Tartu rendered the humanitarian help to families, being guided by the list of city social department, but last time on macaroni and porridge could count all at whom for hunger has brought o, writes Õ htuleht, specifying that it is a question about 4 - ton humanitarian cargo of EU.

« For what reason it should be a shame to me that I stand here! This state let is ashamed! » - the elderly man presented by Mati has declared. In comparison with others hungry from this turn it present « the rich man »: receives a disability pension. According to Mati, both in the summer and in the winter it is anxious by fire wood. « I prepare in the summer, I heat in the winter. When in the house warmly, and for an electricity it is paid, it is possible to live. What there spoke, but in Soviet period we, at least, were not afraid of starvation. Who takes me for work in 60 years yes with sick feet? » - it asks a question.

Mother of three children 28 - summer Christie, holding on hands an one-year-old daughter, of life did not complain - to the contrary, assured that now when it is possible to count on porridge from gumanitarki, it is possible to live, as the family should not wander now on demountable apartments. « we live with the mother-in-law, we try to find work. Anything, we will live » - it whether calms herself, whether others.

« At me the situation is worse » - has told on - russki the young woman, has received a package with meal and did not begin to go into details.

« the Package have prepared? Give here! The signature! Following! » - the accurate voice of the social worker Sire Pjarn, checking documents at everyone, converted into Food bank reaches. For four hours the humanitarian help was received here by 155 persons, and it means that have distributed not all macaroni and oat-flakes so and next Wednesday in the street Staadioni in Tartu will be built again turn in which will stand not only old men, but also youth.

the Minister of social affairs of Hanno Pevkur considers that to the state should not be at all it is a shame that people stand in a queue for free macaroni, and to people it nothing to be ashamed. « Food banks are even in Holland, - it has resulted an example. - it means that of people care. It is impossible to denounce the help ».

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