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Speaker Gryzlov likes long vacation

the Speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov has supported ten-day January vacation, having urged Russians to be engaged more these days in sports. He has declared it on Wednesday at a meeting with journalists.

- I do not see prospects at periodically appearing projects of reduction of January vacation, - it has scarified dissatisfied with long feasts. - I repeatedly voiced the position on this question and on - former is assured: experience of long days off completely has justified itself. Ten-day New Year`s days off - optimum time for high-grade rest. It is excellent possibility to have a rest, give more attention to the house, a family, to gain strength for work in new year. This mini - holiday coincides with school vacation, and I urge parents as much as possible time to devote to dialogue with children which of them lacks much in other days. Besides, winter in Russia - excellent time and for playing sports. It is indicative that interest to winter sports has essentially increased recently. And it concerns not only revival of interest to kinds traditional for Russia, but also growing popularity of new winter sports.