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If only not to forget

After forty life only begins! And it is valid so!

On the one hand, you already have education, savoir vivre, experience, dialogue with the people, certain skills and   abilities.   on the other hand, still so it is a lot of plans, so much still it would be desirable to be in time! If only not to forget anything …

However first of all, it is impossible to forget about itself! Always to be in the good physical form, from 40 years health is necessary to start to care more attentively of itself and the:   careful care of a skin, a competent diet, reception of the vitamins, a healthy way of life and many other things. Observance of these simple rules will allow to save health, and to remain the vigorous and active person for many long years! Chronic insufficiency of brain blood circulation   — one of the most frequent neurologic diseases meeting at people, prepension and pension age. Naturally, miracles does not happen, scientists yet have not invented a medicine for an old age. But there are the means helping the person at any age to remain in senses and firm memory.

One of them is original French preparation TANAKAN which is successfully applied in Belarus already more than 15 years. Therapeutic effect   TANAKANA it is caused by plural mechanisms of action.

TANAKAN it is shown at frustration of concentration of attention and memory, decrease in mental abilities of the person. However TANAKAN it is applied not only at treatment kognitivnogo deficiency and chronic nejrosensornyh infringements (except for Alzheimer`s disease and other kinds dementsii). The given preparation also is used at treatment arteriopatii the bottom extremities, accompanied by painfull spasms at walking, mikrotsirkuljatornyh infringements (improves a status at treatment of a syndrome of Rejno). As a part of complex therapy TANAKAN it is shown at treatment of decrease in visual acuity, hearing and some symptoms accompanied by dizziness and/ or a ring in ears, presumably ischemic character.

TANAKAN practically does not call by-effects, it is well transferred and combined with any medical products. One more important point: to this preparation there is no accustoming, eventually its effect only collects.

to Accept TANAKAN follows daily three times a day during meal and not to wait very much for fast result. It operates gradually: to realise the possibilities put in it it is necessary at least 3 – 4 weeks of constant reception.

TANAKAN is issued in the form of tablets (30 and 90 tablets in packing) and a solution (30   ml in a bottle).   By efficiency both forms are absolutely identical, thus the patient has possibility to choose form of reception of a preparation more convenient for it.

the Manufacturer: Ipsen Pharma 65, Quai Georges Gorse 92650 Boulogne Billancourt Cedex - France


the Medical product. Before application read the instruction. Consult with the attending physician.

the Medical product. The registration certificate of MZ RB: Tanakan the tablets covered with a cover 9151/ 94/ 99/ 04/ 10 from 25. 01. 2010 to 25. 01. 2015.; Tanakan a solution for intake 172/ 94/ 99/ 04/ 10 from 14. 01. 2010 to 14. 01. 2015