Rus News Journal

Omsk « Avant-guard » against « the Metallurgist » from Magnitogorsk

the Match is ended! Important and very beautiful, and the main thing, important victory Avant-guard !  

56. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Alexander Perezhogin! Excellent kistevoj a throw of Sashi -   and 5:3. Our attacking was directly on the centre of gate, anybody to it did not prevent to throw.  

56. A goal!. Denis Platonov hammers. In minority played hawks there was a transfer on a five-copeck coin and attacking visitors was exact.  

54. Removal at Avant-guard

47 Have stood hawks ! And already visitors in minority. a washer -   fans demand!

45. Excellent chance for visitors. Three together we remain. A series of throws. Gate   shoot; Karri Ramo. Gallant, the Finnish goalkeeper!. All drags Karri. And defenders Avant-guard to it with it help! Bondarev takes throws up twice. To painfully our defender. 35 seconds still to stand!.  

42. Aspire omichi to remove all questions on the winner, having realised the majority. But the Metallurgist has stood.  

the Third period has begun. And already on 25 second hawks get numerical advantage. Yaroslav Habarov   has inaccurately played a stick, having struck Romana Chervenku in the person.  

40. With its full complement visitors. Easy hawks finish the second period. A break.

38. Again in minority Magnitogorsk .

35. GOOOOOOOLL! And there and then Avant-guard restores a difference in the bill. Jaromir Jagr was perfectly overcame at a board and otda a pass on the Novel of Chervenku. That a throw has thrown the next goal in touching!

34. A goal! Do not surrender magnitogortsy. A throw, Karri Ramo have closed the review -   and :2. Visitors have reduced a separation.    

29 GOOOOOOOOOOL! 3:1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Andrey Pervyshin from dark blue tochnehonko in a corner. The heap - was small at gate of Gelashvili, and the keeper of visitors saw nothing.  

28. Here the answer of visitors. In minority Platnov threw in the nine . The bar rescues our command.  

25. GOOOOOOOOOL! In minority Avant-guard comes forward!   Were overcame in another`s zone hawks Semin have deduced to collars, and our attacking an excellent throw has thrown!  

24. Were fixed uraltsy in our zone, a series of throws. But while defenders omichej catch a washer on themselves, and everything that reaches gate, it appears in a trap of Ramo.  

23. Removal at hawks . The excellent throw of visitors and a bar rescues Avant-guard .   At us Roman Chervenka has gone to have a rest for 2 minutes.  

Have begun the second period of the command.  

20. We could not realise the majority. With its full complement the Metallurgist . A break.

18. Yaroslav Habarov is given at visitors. In the majority we. A gun of Kuljasha -   Gelashvili. Again Kuljash, but from brushes threw. And again the keeper Magnitogorsk at height.  

16. Equal game goes. One more moment was at Jagra. It has got out on a five-copeck coin, has covered a washer with the case, but the goalkeeper magnitogortsev has played fine.  

15. Anything and has not created the Metallurgist . Have beaten off hawks .

13. Removal at us. Vladimir Pervushin will go on a bench shtrafnikov.   There were in our zone visitors.  

8. A goal! Visitors even up scores. They have won vbrasyvanie. Three throws on collars of Ramo and as a result Oleg Kvasha has made even - taki the bill.  

5. Twice successively magnitogortsy played minority. But to realise Avant-guard could only one.  

3. Removal at visitors. GOOOOOOOOOOL! Few seconds   were necessary omicham to open the bill. CHervenka has entered into a zone, has given transfer of Jagru. The magnificent pause was sustained by a Czech and has irresistibly thrown between guards of Gelashvili.  

1. Have begun a command match. One to collars escaped Rolinek. Has thrown, and the washer has crept for a ribbon, but before there was a whistle. Video the judge looks. The washer is not included. But in defence hawks have failed.  

Avant-guard : Defenders: Martin Shkoula (41) – Denis Kuljash (28), Andrey Pervyshin (76) – Anton Belov (77), Dmitry Rjabykin (11) – Alexey Bondarev (58); Attacking: the Novel of Chervenka (10) – Alexey Kalyuzhny - to (71) – Jaromir Jagr (68), Alexander Popov (24) – Anton Kurjanov (19) – Alexander Perezhogin (37), Dmitry Vlasenkov (52) – Dmitry Semin (42) – Egor Averin (29), Sergey Sentjurin (74) – Anton Malyshev (35) – Vladimir Pervushin (17).
  the Metallurgist Defenders: Atjushov Vitaly (27) – Habarov Yaroslav (70), Unsociable persons Evgenie (48) – Niskala Janne (7), Small Vladimir (24) – Varlamov Evgenie (36), Ljubushin Michael (25); Attacking: Switches Denis (29) – Kontiola Petri (47) – Aaltonen Juhamatti (50), Rolinek Tomash (60) – Kajgorodov Alexey (55) – Platonov Denis (39), Tchistov Stanislav (23) – Sergey Fedorov (18) – Lisin Enver (22), Zdunov Paul (42) – Kvasha Oleg (10) – Potekhin Bogdan (92), Apalkov Daniel (99)
Minute prior to the beginning of a match between Avant-guard and Magnitogorsk the Metallurgist