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Days off will be slushy and slippery

- Till Friday in Belarus frosty weather will be saved, air temperature will reach from 5 10 degrees of a frost, - has told « the chief of service of hydrometeorological forecasts Republican gidromettsentra Dmitry Ryabov. - and here since Friday in our country warm air from Mediterranean sea will start to arrive.

On the night of Christmas by the western part of Belarus will pass a sleet passing during a rain. In the north there will be a gusty wind, 15 - 18 m/ with. Temperature of air at night from - 5 to - 12. In the afternoon from +2 in the west of the country, to - 8 on the east.

During week-end will become warmer on all country, but a malicious joke the rain and a sleet will play - on roads the glaze ice is formed. At night on Saturday - 1 … - 8, in the afternoon - 5 … +2.

On Sunday and Monday within days air temperature will be in limits - 2 … +3.

- But snow will not have time to thaw, as it has dropped out much, pall height now record, to 57 centimetres - such was not since military years, - Dmitry Ryabov has noticed. - and here for what it is necessary to prepare, so it to strong ice.