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The gloomy statistics

In spite of the fact that in 2010 has broken into 13 % of more air passengers, than last year, the general tendency with security of flights, experts consider, nevertheless improves. If in before last, the most safe in the history of aircraft to year, accidents occurred to a regularity 1 on 1,5 million flights this year, confirm in consulting firm Ascend, the indicator has worsened — to 1 failure on 1,3 million flights. The record sum suffered and native victims of air crashes should be paid in 2010 and to the insurance companies — 1,1 billion dollars.

As a result of air crashes in 2010 828 persons were lost. It was most dangerous to fly last year by planes of Near-Eastern, Indian and Pakistan airlines. On them it was necessary most of all victims — 60 %.

« 2010 was most discouraging year last decade both from the point of view of security, and from the point of view of insurance payments » - considers Pol Hejs, director Ascend for security in air.

And still the occasion to optimism is. According to same Hejsa, the situation with security on air transport gradually improves: more safely, than in 2010, it was flied only in 2006 - 9 To same were even worse. To tell enough that in 90 - e years of last century level of accidents in aircraft made 1 on 700 thousand flights, and in 21 centuries first half first decade — 1 on 1,2 million flights.

On a share of four bloodiest accidents 65 % from all victims for a year were necessary. The most terrible accident of last year has occurred in May when 158 passengers and crewmen Boeing 737 - 800 companies Air India Express were lost in a liner landing time at the airport of the Indian city of Mangalor. The second for number of victims an air crash (152) has occurred in July in Islamabad with Airbus A321 companies Airblue. Too in May 2010 at the airport of Tripoli has broken Airbus A330 airlines Afriqiyah therefore were lost 103 passenger and the crewman. And at last, the Ethiopian liner Boeing 737 - 800 has fallen to the ground soon after soar from the airport of Beirut. Victims of that accident of a steel of 90 persons.