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Estonia « has grasped » the part of Russia

Euro to which Estonia since new year has passed, can become the reason of new scandal between Russia and this country. The map of Estonia represented on new coins of euro, obviously does not correspond to modern outlines of the country: a part of the territories marked on coins as Estonian, at present are a part of the Russian Federation, informs Estonian portal dzd. ee.

  Revolted self-capture the Russian earths the Russian ombudsman Sergey Seredenko has already directed to the ambassador of Russia in Estonia to Yury Merzljakovu the corresponding notification message. It is curious that the Bank of Estonia where the ombudsman was converted behind comments, also recognised a political error. But apologies has not followed. Even to the contrary: with not which pride it has been informed that on a backspacing of coins it is represented « art representation of the artist about borders of Estonia » performed by Lembita Lyhmusa. Pier, he so sees the country and all here.

- Why - that « art representation » Lyhmusa has concerned politically problem regions – Pechor and Zanarovja, - Sergey Seredenko has commented to journalists on Estonian strangenesses. - In 2005 Estonian parliament has passed the Law on ratification of Estono - the Russian boundary treaty between Estonian Republic and the Russian Federation and contracts on differentiation of sea space Narva and gulf of Finland between Estonian Republic and the Russian Federation on which the border is defined how it is defined now, instead of according to the constitutional imaginations. Russia, as it is known, did not ratify these contracts from - for preambles to the Estonian law on ratification therefore between the countries till now there is no boundary treaty. What for in this problem subject to throw still « art representation » Lyhmusa – absolutely not clearly. Situation absolutely scandalous, and its consequences I will not undertake to foretell. Is better Estonians would represent a fig turned towards Russia &ndash on coins; it would be more fair and more clear …